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Staircase is highly ignored space in homes when it comes to the art of designing and decorating. Staircases serve as a mode of transit or a bridge between two floors of a home, however a well designed staircase can change the look, feel and overall appeal of a space. This neglected place has a potential to increase the value of home and make it more visually pleasing. Staircases have been a part of homes since a very long time. Earlier staircases were made of wood or stones; however people are investing their time and money to design a staircase that resonates with overall mood of the home. Biggest example of contemporary staircase is helical staircase made of iron. And trust us there is an array of designs to choose from. While there are a number of beautiful, elegant, stylish, modern and creative designs when it comes to staircases, comfort should be the biggest factor one must consider while choosing a design. What’s the point of a design that makes you feel highly comfortable or even scared when you climb it!! Today we are going to share ideas and inspiration to design a stylish and comfortable staircase for your dream home and you can certainly choose one which resonates with your persona.


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1. Colorful Staircases – this staircase is made out of a combination of wood grain porcelain and it comes in 14 beautiful colors and makes a simple staircase look vibrant, exciting and fun.


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2. Floating Staircases – these staircases are gaining a lot of acceptance. These look beautiful and stylish and appear to float in the air without any support. It is advised to give a hold of steel cables on the sides for safety measures.


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3. Wood & Metal Staircase – this is our personal favorite set of combination. It looks simple, elegant, spacious, visually appealing and neat. These are strong and safe. And would certainly massively appeal to all the age groups.


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4. Spiral Staircases – this shape can be incorporated in wood or metal or combination of both. This set if designed properly can certainly be the center of attention of your home.


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5. Glass Staircases – do no worry, the glass used is toughened which is a safety glass processed under thermal and chemical treatments to increase its strength as compared to a normal glass. The edges are not sharp and the glass is good to be used to make staircases, doors, refrigerator trays, and more.


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6. Artistic – well you can go for the most simplistic design which is safe, comfortable and highly inexpensive and yet make is visually appealing by adding a combination of art and colors to it. Give a platform to the hidden artist in you to decorate the staircase and give it a part of your personality.


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We hope you liked the ideas we shared and would like to use them and experiment a little to create a stylish yet comfy staircases that can be used by all and also add to the overall appeal of your home.

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