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One gets exceptionally choosy and selective when it comes to planning and designing interiors of home. And why you wouldn’t they be? After all it is a rare opportunity; you wouldn’t plan or remodel interiors of home over and over again. With the ever increasing standard of living, interior designing has become very popular over the years. Also, people now are investing time and money to have smart interior options for their homes. You must have observed or heard that people always suggest going for neutral colors for interiors. They always recommend playing safe especially when it comes to colors.


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Have you thought of making a style statement and rising above the masses!! Yes, we are talking about giving a tone of bright color to the interiors. Don’t you think off-white is dull and boring? That’s what even we believe. And hence we feel painting the wall with color red isn’t dreary. Infact bringing in hues of red to the interiors is strikingly beautiful and bold. After all a little experiment is the key to get rid of monotony. And the best part is color red has an ability to mix very well with other colors of spectrum.


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Color red is full of passion and is very expressive. It can used to express love, enthusiasm, happiness, or could get to little negative connotations like anger and aggression. However, color red in the interiors can only look cheery and vivacious. It is also a fact that too much of anything doesn’t look appealing and hence one should draw a line between too much and when it is not enough. Keeping other things neutral and bringing in accents of red in the form of upholstery or curtains or even pillow cover can certainly draw attention of people to these minute things which they won’t ever notice otherwise. The whole idea behind using hues of red is to make room more inviting, intriguing and pleasing to the sense of vision.


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Color Red needs thoughtful considerations before using in the interiors, and less is actually more when it comes to the color. There are so many beautiful hues of red that could be used to an array of small areas to start with. We will suggest possible places and areas you could use this bold color without making the space look gaudy.

1. Entrance Doors – yes, the main entrance to the home is an ideal start to introduce the color. Hues of dark red – maroon, blood red and darker hues will certainly look more inviting.


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2. Arts – imagine white or light colored wall with beautiful works of art – paintings, frames, in color red hanging on it.


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3. Linens & Accessories – red bed sheet or blanket or pillow cover or curtains or rug or carpet or doormat or dining table linens or even a beautiful red center piece on the dining table will definitely give the desired look. Color red could very well go with upholstery or even with lights.


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Hope introducing hues of red is not daunting a task, not anymore.

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