Bring The Outdoors In By Designing A Perfect Window Garden For Your Home

making a space for plants in the windows

Christmas celebrations were grand this year!! We got to see beautiful decorations on the streets and also at homes of few of our friends and relatives. We are half way done with winters. And what we absolutely love about winters apart from the freezing cold, and food are the pretty plants of the season. Pretty flowers blossom and make homes more vibrant and colorful. And who doesn’t like fresh flowers to be a part of home decoration ideas. Buying fresh flowers every now and then is one of the ideas to keep up the freshness.

A Perfect Window Garden For Your Home

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However, if you enjoy the company of houseplants, having a window garden is an ideal way of showing off the little garden you wish to create. Well if you can’t manage to have an outdoor garden due to the maintenance or space constraint, you can create your own window garden. Creating it is easy, all you need to do is extend the existing window sill, have more window structures, and glass. If you don’t already know what a window garden is, we will define it for you in simple words.

window garden

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Window garden is basically making a space for plants in the windows of your home. It could be indoor or outdoor as per your convenience and ease. You could even extend it by creating an enclosed space with windows all over and keep up your love for flora in the space. One could even grow herbs and vegetables in the window garden. It does give immense pleasure to have your vegetables grown by self and nurturing it well at the same time. One can also derive pride of being a professional gardener.

making a space for plants in the windows

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Starting a window garden requires a lot of hard work and patience for starters; however one could find it delighting in the end. Also the idea of having a window garden is also not expensive. All you need is pots. You could even make recyclable pots on your own under the guidance of web though. Instead of mud pots, you could also use vas, mason jars, cups or even bottles to bring in little creativity and variety.

indoor garden ideas

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You must be wondering about the plants you could possibly grow in your window garden. Well you can grow herbs like basil, chives and more, lettuce, spinach and green leafy vegetables could be easily grown. Being said that, you now have to take a decision of how to grow them i.e. either start from scratch – start your plant from seeds or buy pre-started plants. If this is your first time then we would suggest you to go for pre-started plants to make it easier. Starting from seeds takes a lot of time and extra care initially.

outdoor window garden ideas

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Make sure the pots you use have a good drainage. Look for holes at the bottom of the pots. Make sure you water them timely, nurture them with care and attention. Pluck the dried leaves timely and add manure to keep them healthy. So when are you starting this fun family activity!!

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