Brilliant Ideas To Decorate The Staircase That You Would Love

beautiful chandelier at the beginning of a staircase

Staircases are a part of every home since times unknown. We spend a lot of time planning just the right interiors of a dream home. Taking help from web – Google, blogs, websites, and Pinterest to name a few, would possibly be one of the first steps to update self about the latest trends in the field of interior designing. So by now you know what you want and what you don’t want in your dream home. While finalizing the designs, furniture, wall paints, flooring and other aspects of interior designing, we tend to outlook the stairs.


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Staircases perfectly blend two different floors of a home and are generally found close to the main entrance where one part of the entry leads to staircase and other may lead to living room. Whether big or small, narrow or wide, stairway deserves an equal treatment as the rest of your home if not any better. Today, we will focus on stairway and how one could have them stand out and make the entry way much more visually appealing.

entry leads to staircase

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Use Colors

Generally stairways are dull and boring; make them come alive by adding colors to it. Either paint the stairs or add a colorful carpet on the same. Carpet actually would be much more comfortable. A tinge of color would make the area look more vibrant and lively.

paint the stairs

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Experiment With Railing

Railings are extremely important when we talk about staircase. The biggest reason is these are safe and secondly, climbing the staircase becomes easier and more convenient for all the age groups especially kids and elderly. You could have steel rails that extend all the way up the ceiling. Or go for the ones with intricate designs on each pillar of the banister if you are fond of everything arts. You could even go for a heavy and huge big rope to replace the usual banister.

experiment with railing

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Another simple yet striking way to make staircase fascinating is by preserving memories on walls by having photo frames with family and friends from your last travel or gathering or an important life event. You could even hang paintings or any other memorabilia from your past travel stories.

make staircase fascinating

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Having an elegant and beautiful chandelier at the beginning of a staircase will add elegance to the entrance leading to it. It will bring about the required balance and glamour to the interiors. There is an array of chandeliers to pick from however we suggest you go for the one that you feel matches the best with your personality and also complements the overall décor of the area.

beautiful chandelier at the beginning of a staircase

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Do It Yourself Staircase

This is our personal favorite category of staircases simply because they are fun. Ask help from your kids or friends and cousins and engage into DIY staircase décor. The designs could range from as simple as having numerals on them to something more artistic (give wings to the hidden artist in you).

do it yourself staircase

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Hope you could resonate with the ideas we shared to make your staircase more attractive and vivid.

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