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Bed Room

Plants have been known for human existence, these are essential to living beings. Apart from being a major source of food and oxygen (precisely the only source), plants also have an incredible ability to instill positivity in the surroundings. And that’s the reason it is advised to have plants in homes. You must have heard about the famous Chinese Feng–shui philosophy. Well it does play an important role in the flow of energy (positive energy) and its favorable effects in our daily lives. And if you have noticed, which we are sure you must have, you would see at least one plant (if not a big garden) in every home in India. Today my friends we are going to talk about possible areas you could place plants inside your dream home as plants could influence spiritual state apart from making your home look and feel a little more presentable. So here are a few suggestions for better results.


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1. Entrance – what better than stealing your guests’ attention by placing beautiful, colorful plants at the entrance!! Plants at the entrance will transmit positive force to all those who come into the abode. For this idea to work, it is equally important to keep the entrance clean. Placing lilies or roses is advised as they look beautiful.

keep the entrance clean

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2. Living Room – well living room is one of the most important areas of home. Apart from being guest host area, it also the same place your entire family sits and relaxes together.  Having a plant by the television or computer or lamp is advised as it will also absorb the radiation of these devices.

3. Kitchen – kitchen is the most important area of home according to us. This area is the source of our food, and having positive vibes around is pre-requisite to a healthy food apart from the ingredients. We all are aware of the impact of food on our physical and mental state. Hence, placing plant on the kitchen counter is advised as we make sure to keep it clean all the time. This will exude positive vibes on the person cooking the food. Apart from designing and planning part, plants also add a visual appeal to the kitchen.


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4. Bed Room – this is your personal space. After a long day at work you would like to spend time alone and relax for a bit and what better than being welcomed by fresh plants and flowers in your room. Plants also help in combating stress, fatigue and insomnia. You can place plants at the window of your room or at the balcony (if you have it attached to your room). Placing plants at windows or an open space in the bedroom is suggested for them to receive the right amount of light.

Bed Room

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Most importantly, the effects of having plants within home won’t be instant, these things take a while and over a period of time you will certainly feel the change. However, for better results take good care of plants, handle them with attention and dedication, and water them regularly.

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