5 DIY Tips to Consider for Smart Home in Singapore

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Most homeowners want to upgrade their space with a modern touch, since most of the technologies used today can be installed at homes such as smart devices that connect appliances to a networking technology like Wi-Fi or specialized technologies like Z-Wave. The purpose of installing advanced technology at a specific space is to enable connection & communication with other devices in and outside of the house, and that is how smart home systems work in some houses nowadays.

Tips to Consider for Smart Home in Singapore
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The terms ‘smart home’ and ‘home automation’ may sound similar or interlinked like how most people infer, but put simply, home automation is one of the features of smart home technology. To elaborate, smart home technology allows to remotely control specific devices, such as thermostats and lights, using a networking or specialized technology (Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Insteon, Hub, etc.). However, home automation is about how your smart devices communicate with each other once they are interlinked – this can be also be customized on how and when they should interact. Home automation systems also come with programmable lighting control. This feature allows homeowners to control all the smart lights installed in their residence without having to exert an effort to flick a single switch.

Home automation systems
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Using your smartphone to make your perfect bed coffee by simply selecting the coffee machine app – That’s a smart home. Programming your smart home hub such that your coffee machine starts automatically as soon as the alarm rings on your smartphone – that’s home automation.

  • What is a Smart Home?: Creating a smart home seems to be tricky as it requires installing different technologies which needs extensive patience and familiarity with how it should be used and this can be quite challenging. To give you more insight about how a smart home works, here some prominent definitions that you should learn before using this type of technology in your homes:

    Smart Home
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  • Smart Home technology caters comfort, security, energy efficiency, and convenience to homeowners. This technology can help parents keep an eye on their infants when they are cooking in the kitchen, or let ‘on the go’ people to open their garages using their phones and never experience the hassle of opening a heavy garage door and getting late; ultimately, smart home technology will make everything easy for homeowners to control.

  • This kind of technology also prolongs the usage of furniture and equipment inside the house. Since it is equipped by smart technology, maintaining the quality of the fixtures inside the house will help owners enjoy more convenience and peace of mind.

  • There is also potential to make a big difference in your utility bills, as now there’s no need to burn money if you forget to turn your heater off while leaving for work. By monitoring your heating, water and electricity, there’s far less chance of a large bill sneaking up on you.

Here are five tips for you to consider when upgrading your space to a smart home:

Space to a smart home
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  1. Connection: It is important to create a smart home ecosystem where connectivity can flow smoothly. The ideal scenario is to opt for devices that utilize the same communication protocol. In other words, devices that speak the same language. Smart home protocols include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Infrared, Ethernet, Thread, Zigbee KNX, Z-Wave and more.

  2. Smart Hubs: Purchasing the right Smart Home hub or gateway depends on the level of sophistication a homeowner would want to have in his house. One factor that homeowners should keep in mind is to have a reliable smart hub that is compatible and appropriate for the equipment that will be used.

  3. Living Habits: It is essential to base your devices on how you live at your home. First, observe your usual routine. If you are a parent you might have certain devices set in order to make your mornings stress-free or if you have an active lifestyle you might use devices that get you on track everyday.

  4. Make Use of Sites to Build a Smart Home: Creating a smart home can be a complex task since you are interlinking devices and home equipment to have one particular voice of command; but as you venture around this kind of technology, you will find different sites that would help you manage your smart home.

    One good example of such sites that can help you is IFTTT (If This Then That), it is both a website and a mobile app. It is a free service launched in 2010 with the following slogan: “Put the Internet to work for you”. It’s changed a lot in recent years, however. Currently, with IFTTT, you can connect all your smart gadgets together so that tasks are automatically completed.

  5. Building a Smart Home Means Building the Future: Smart Home technology will grow with how fast and accessible our society revolves. It is best to keep a track on what are the latest programs and devices that you would want to install in your house. As a homeowner it is wise to invest and upgrade your Smart Home system since this depicts your comfort and safety as well.

    Do-It-Yourself tips
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These five Do-It-Yourself tips on how you install a Smart Home will elevate your comfort and style as a homeowner. The idea of making your house intelligent, automating your daily tasks effortlessly and allowing you to focus on the more important moments of your life are some of the many reasons to turn your house into a smart home today.

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