How to Soundproof a Room Using Home Decor

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It is often very annoying to get disturbed by the noise coming from your neighbors or from outdoor chaos. Especially, when you are trying to focus on an important task. You can block most of the noise away using insulation or other noise dampening methods. However, you can also use the home decor smartly to soundproof your room. Below are the top ways using which you can soundproof your space with the use of home decor.

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  • Use Carpets and Underpads: The sound is absorbed by soft surfaces and bounces off hard surfaces. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in a carpet that is thick with a quality underpad underneath it. The carpet will absorb most of the noise and it will also help in reducing noise while you move your furniture.

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    If you don’t prefer a thick carpet, then you can layer up a few rugs and place them in an aesthetic manner to get the work done. It will make your space look prettier while blocking the noise. You can shop for a variety of rugs and experiment with it to achieve the perfect balance.

  • Use pillows: It might be confounding how well pillows can work when it comes to blocking a noise. Just like how they help you avoid a snoring partner, using pillows can also help in minimizing the noise. Pillows absorb noise and so you can buy a bunch of pillows to use in your room.

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    The big and fluffy pillows work better than the regular ones and you can also cover them with attractive pillow covers. Try keeping as many pillows as you can on your bed and also on any other furniture in your room. For instance, a mini couch, chairs and even on tables as they also look decorative.

  • Heavy Drapes: If your window has metal blinds or wood shutters, then you can consider replacing them with fabrics to reduce the noise. However, the curtains you choose should be of heavy fabrics such as velvet. If you have a cotton or linen curtain, then you can also switch to heavier fabrics for better results.

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    Another useful tip is to use double and triple pleated curtains as they are way more effective in reducing the noise. So, if the current curtains at your place are flat then you can go for curtains that are pleated to block the noise.

  • Use wall hangings: This is yet another efficient way of dampening the noise. Adding more furniture helps in reducing the noise and in soundproofing your room. You can use wall hangings that not only add a structure to your space but also reduces noise.

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    For better results, you can use fabric wall hangings as they are more efficient in absorbing noise than the regular ones. Moreover, you can also attach a piece of foam to your existing wall hangings. This could be a great way of making the most out of your existing furniture.

  • Soft furnishings: It is no news that soft materials absorb sound and so you can replace your existing hard furnishings with soft ones. You cannot possibly get rid off all of your furniture, but you can replace your old furniture that is hard with new soft ones. For instance, you can do away with your old tables and chairs and bring in new ones that have a soft fabric-like material on it.

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    You can exponentially reduce the noise using soft furnishings as the noise reverberates through hard surfaces. The lesser the hard furniture the better is your soundproofing. If you are looking out for new furniture then you should certainly choose soft ones.

  • Sound absorbing tiles: You can buy sound absorbing tiles from the market that help you significantly reduce the noise. The hexagon tiles are modular wall pieces that are affixed on the walls using either glue or magnets. They come in eight colours and thus make the wall look amazing and beautiful.

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    The material used for these tiles are renewable. For instance, wood, concrete and wool are used for making these tiles. Not only are these tiles effective in reducing the noise but they also regulate the moisture of the space. Thus, this modern day solution is perfect for you if you wish to reduce the noise in your room.

  • Sound reducing paint: There are a lot of options in the market when it comes to sound reducing paint. If you are not aware of it you can check in your local market for the same. While getting your room repainted you can use this specially formulated wall coating. It is known to reduce the noise by up to 30%.

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    If you have recently moved into your house or apartment then it is easier for you to straight away opt for paint that reduces noise. However, if you have been staying there for quite some time, you can always get it repainted to achieve the desired results.

  • Changing your window panes: Another way for soundproofing your apartment or room is by changing your existing window panes. Usually, any typical household has windows with single panes and you can get them replaced with triple panes for better sound reduction.

    Moreover, you can also weatherstrip the windows of your apartment or room. All that you have to do is to fill any cracks and gaps with a sealant. This way, any sound that might cause hindrance from outside will be blocked. You can shop for weatherstrips online and even in the local market.

    Thus, with the above-mentioned tips, you can make changes to your decor to succeed in your soundproofing endeavors. You simply have to make some re-arrangements in your decor with the help of which you can successfully block the noise.

    Practices such as investing in a thick carpet, heavy curtains, and soft furnishings tremendously help in noise reduction. Some other high-end but effective solutions are to go for sound reducing paint, sound reducing tiles, and upgrading your window panes. With these tricks, you can surely soundproof your space and retain the quietness that you yearn for.

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