Things to Know About Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique furniture is generally maintained by a combination of polish and wax polishes, but smoke from the kitchen and fireplace can build up a huge amount of dust and moisture on your antique furniture. People may think that replacing this furniture is a better way to improve the overall look of the house, but antique furniture are invaluable assets and you can easily go for the professional antique furniture restoration.

Antique Furniture Restoration
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How to Restore Your Antique Furniture?:

  • Normally, antique furniture restoration is needed when you find damages on the metal parts of the furniture or if some parts of the furniture are missing. Metal parts of the antique furniture can accumulate huge amounts of rust and can get damaged due to corrosion. For this, you need to hire the best antique furniture restoration company that has enough experience in this field and can easily restore your old pieces with their technical knowledge. Apart from that, due to stain, antique furniture can lose their gloss which you can easily restore by applying some colour on the furniture.

  • You need to remove the oxide from antique furniture without damaging their bronze or brass works. You may find unexpected damages after applying some chemicals, and you must remove such damages without putting any scratches on the furniture.

  • There are three types of antique furniture restoration process offered by major companies. The initial process involves the hinges, handles, lock plates and other attachments of the furniture. Secondly, you need to restore the artworks or engraved works made with brass or bronze. Lastly, there may be some antique clocks which have different mechanisms and you must hire some trained professionals to repair your antique clocks.

    Restore Your Antique Furniture
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  • Instead of chemicals, you can use some fluids because they are safe and won’t damage your antique furniture. You need to mix hydrochloric and diluted phosphoric acids and prepare ferrous oxide for antique furniture restoration. You can apply the same to gray finish furniture and restore their original color. On colorful furniture, use copolymer and styrene acrylate to restore their color.

  • Copolymer and styrene acrylate fluids are generally used for car polishing and it is available in every hardware store. You can use them for antique furniture restoration, but you cannot use the same solutions for all your antique pieces. If you want to restore showpieces or small artworks, then you can use paraffin oil.

  • It is very hectic to individually restore antique furniture because you need to learn specialized techniques for it. if you use extra chemicals then your furniture gets damaged and you cannot restore the same at any cost. So, it is better to hire some trained professionals and you can easily find various antique furniture restoration companies online.

    Restore showpieces or small artworks
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Why Would You Restore Your Antique Furniture?

Generally, antique furniture means pieces of very old furniture which might look dirty and damaged. But if you restore your antique furniture with proper care then you will get better value in future. Antique pieces carry old history and different kinds of family histories are associated with them. So, it is better to conserve these antique pieces and not throw them out of your house. They are like the eldest family members and you can easily restore them with some professional antique furniture restoration companies.

Now that you know more about antique furniture, restore your old furniture to give them a new look. You can also customize your antique furniture to accommodate them within your smaller rooms. For this, you can discuss your requirements with some antique furniture restoration companies.

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