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A house is made of walls and beams, and a home is made of love and dreams. Raise your hands if you agree with us on that. Well, our home is our favorite place to be at. No five-star hotel or no luxury can beat the comfort we feel at our own home. Everyone thinks that their house is the best and no one is wrong. We think of certain ways or certain home decor ideas to keep decorating our house time and again. We keep experimenting with the looks, not just because it is too monotonous to live the same way, but also because who doesn’t like a change?

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Talking about home decor, the most important part is none other than the living room. Why? This is because this is the first room that a person who visits your house. This phrase is as true as it is old, ‘The first impression is the last impression’. It is important to make a first impression. Do you think someone who visits your house for the first time, if didn’t like your living room would at all be interested in the rest of the place? NO. Therefore, you must pay extra attention at your living room.

Well, if you aren’t very sure of exactly what to do with your living room, and you do not want to break your bank by hiring a professional interior designer, there’s nothing you need to worry about. Following are some great, easy, and effective home decor ideas to decorate your living room:

  • Keep it simple yet elegant: Elegance lies in being simple. ‘The more the better’ is a phrase that should only be used when talking about food. Ha-Ha. Talking about the living room, just keep it simple and light. Choose a soft color, an appropriate amount of furniture, a subtle carpet and some wall paintings and you are all set. What’s even better? Add some smooth lighting to the room and you’ll be all praised.

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  • Sprinkle the colors: If you think it suits your personality, then you must go for some vibrant colors. This way your living room will always reflect happiness and positive, cheerful vibes. Paint the walls in some interesting bright color, and get the furniture in the contrasting colors. Some colorful curtains and cushions can take this up a notch.

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  • Add some extra comfort: Whatever you choose your living room to be like, it should be comfortable. Whenever a guest would come over, he sure would look for some comfort. A comfortable living room is easy to have. Just add some extra pillows and cushion, with a soft blanket (if needed). Some soft rugs, and warm sofa and/or sectionals can do absolute wonder.

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  • Go monochrome: They say when in doubt, white it out. The best part about going monochrome is that you would never be out of trend. No matter what colors come in fashion, what designs are award-winning, your place would never run out of style. How cool is that? All you need to do is to pick two colors and make everything in your living room accordingly. What could be a better option than going for two most evergreen colors, black and white. They would make you look subtle and graceful

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  • Neat and Crisp: If being sophisticated is your style, this is what would suit you the best. The less the furniture, the clean the room would look. Do not overdo anything. Just keep it minimal. Get in a couch, a chair, a decent mat, and a wall unit for the TV, accessories and other items. This way you would look clean and crisp with not extra efforts. This style is beneficial for both, houses with small living rooms, and the ones with spacious living rooms.

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