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They say books are the best friends of a person. And it is never too late to start reading. For those who have a reading habit and for those who have not yet developed a reading habit, everyone should have a reading corner in their house. When we consider home decor ideas, we often do not pay extra attention on having a separate room or a separate place for reading. Because people think why have a separate room for reading when you can do it anywhere, in the living room, in your bedroom, etc.


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Reading helps everyone relax and eliminate stress. In our busy, hectic lives today, we do not get enough time to give time to ourselves and relax our mind. Interestingly, studies have proven that reading can help you with that. Many people like reading their favourite book before going to sleep to fall asleep faster. Some other people like to read as per their interest in a cozy, tranquil and a quiet place.

If you are the later one and were looking for some home decor ideas to make a cozy place in your house separately for ready, you are at the right place. Here are some easy, and wonderful reading nook designs to have a reading corner in your house.

Have a look:

  1. Reading corner near a window: What is better than having a large bookcase at home with a comfortable sitting space near the window? There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying your favourite read with a view of nature. Moreover, you can have natural lighting to help your eyesight. Designing your corner in this way will give you a large reading space where you can arrange all your favourite books, and read it whenever you wish. Throw in some extra cushions and a soft blanket for winters for that extra comfort. For a better idea, you can see the picture below.

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  2. Reading corner in a bedroom: Too lazy to walk up to another room to read your favourite book? Well, then having a reading corner in your bedroom is the best idea. And the best part is, you would not require any huge arrangements for this setting. All you need is a cozy small corner, that is otherwise left vacant or is occupied with extra furniture, get in a comfortable reading chair and place your books nearby. Moreover, whenever you feel sleepy while reading, you can easily slip under the quilt on your bed next to your reading space? How easy and cool is this?

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  3. Built-in bed reading corner: Liked the idea of having a reading corner in the bedroom, but do not have any extra space to do so? Well, there’s an idea for you. You can get in bed that also has a storage space. This way you would not require any extra furniture and can enjoy your favourite book on your cozy bed.Isn’t this the best feeling ever? Of course, it is. Having a small window and some light arrangements can make it a perfect reading nook.

    built-in-bed-reading-cornerImage Source: Google Images

  4. Swinging reading corner: Having a swinging reading corner is one of the most incredible reading nook ideas. Such places are not only comfortable but also help enhance your home decor. If you have enough space, get yourself a hammock (a hanging one) and get started with what you have always wanted to do. Reading while swinging can make you feel happy, cheerful and will keep you positive throughout the day. The best part of a swing reading is that whenever you get bored of sitting at one place, you can take your swing to another view and have a change.

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So friends, to experience a new way of reading, just ditch your regular four-legged reading chair and replace it with a swinging reading chair.

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