3 Versatile Interior Design Tips for Any Apartment

Decorating your apartment

Decorating your apartment is not a task that can be performed through applying a pattern or tricks that your friend or someone else used unless you get the idea from your downstairs neighbour that has an apartment exactly like yours. Many say that interior design is so subjective and flexible that no two projects turn out to be the same, even if we’re talking about identical rooms. And while that may be true, it’s not really that important when decorating your apartment. Sure, you should draw your inspiration from an idea or after checking various interior design tips; however, the end product is always going to be modified through subjective preferences and adapting your living space to your style. We’ve put together three of the most versatile interior design tips that can be used in any flat out there.

Decorating your apartment
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  • What Is Interior Design? :

    Before we jump into the examples of interior design that can be applied to almost any space, let’s start by actually defining the concept of interior design. Wikipedia states that interior design is a science and art that helps us enhance the interior of an apartment or building by making it more aesthetically pleasing and healthier. It has plenty of branches like space planning, conceptual development, programming, site inspections, construction management, and, of course, executing the design.

    So, no matter if we’re talking about interior design lighting tips or a simple redecoration of your apartment in terms of colours and furniture, everything falls under the big category of interior design. As a result, you shouldn’t feel too pretentious when calling a simple face-lift interior design because that’s exactly what you are doing.

  • 3 Interior Design Ideas That Work Everywhere :

    Now that we have a better understanding of what interior design is all about, we change focus to apartment interior design and explore some ideas that are as flexible as they come. Through flexibility, you can easily apply these concepts in a huge apartment with 4 bedrooms, a tiny flat in Manhattan, or a summer house down by the beach. As you may have already figured out, these tips are not highly complex since it would be challenging to apply them afterwards. However, if you’re tired of checking interior design news without seeing a trend that matches your own ideas, it is well worth checking them out.

  • Go With Statement Art :

    No matter if you’re choosing photography or paintings, statement art is the kind of interior design approach that literally fits well in every apartment. Since these artworks usually say more about you than the apartment you are living in, they represent the perfect way to add some personality to your home.

    Go With Statement Art
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    The best part about hanging paintings or photographs on the walls is that you won’t have to drill a lot of nails. You can use various surfaces that are already installed, such as shelves, drawers, or even chests. When you do hang art on the wall, make sure not to go overboard with how you arrange them. It’s a good idea to mix up bigger pieces with smaller frames so that you create the perfect collage effect.

  • Breathe Life Through Plants :

    Few people that think about various interior design concepts consider plants mandatory. And sure, this is a subjective matter; however, your apartment will feel a lot more comfortable with life in it. Just like you choose warmer colours for your bedroom to feel cosy, your entire space can be improved by adding the right type of plants.

    Not only can a plant look very chic, but it also allows you to bring some of the outdoors inside – a thing that becomes very important if you live in a big, crowded city. Succulents are an increasing trend for some years now; however, leafy house plants like aloe vera or evergreens are also a great idea. Deciding on the plants is just the first step of the process since the pots should also fit the rest of the room. In most cases, simple ceramic goes very well, no matter how you decide to decorate the rest of the apartment.

  • Get Creative With Lighting :

    What if we told you it’d possible to apply some excellent home decor ideas without adding one piece of furniture or redecorating at all? Just like you would improve your morning shower with a high-quality multi-head shower system, an apartment can be massively upgraded simply through changing the way it gets its light.

    Get Creative With Lighting
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    Mix around some floor and table lamps, change the curtains in your bedroom so that more natural light comes in, rearrange the furniture in the living room so that the window can deliver all the light inside. You will feel that your entire apartment feels a lot more comfortable and fresh.

Conclusion: When talking about interior decoration ideas, it doesn’t have to be all about changing everything around the house and redecorating from scratch. Some small tweaks that don’t require a lot of effort can have incredible results, and you can enjoy the benefits with ease. These three ideas we listed above are effortless to apply, and if you feel like changing something in your house, now is the moment to do so. We’re also curious to find out how our readers approach interior design ideas? Have you redecorated something in your apartment recently? Share the concept with us in the comments section below, and don’t be afraid to add some pictures as well. Everyone can get inspiration from your personal example.

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  1. Love the advice about lots of plants—they’re a truly neutral piece of decor, aesthetic-wise—and science shows that plants make humans happier. My personal favorite plants to include in apartment decor are succulents.

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