8 Interior Design Ideas That Spell Modern Luxury

Wood and Cork

Modern luxury is an interior design concept that is not only popular in the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry; it is also something that many homeowners are now fascinated with.

Interior Design Ideas

In the UAE, for instance, most prospective investors visiting properties by top real estate developers expect to see nothing less than luxurious design and decor. This is because a home that showcases the right blend of minimalism, clean design lines, coziness, timelessness, beauty and elegance is also one that is truly functional, comfortable and impressive.

Experiencing Modern Luxury in Your Home

If you want to incorporate modern luxury into your home’s interior design, here are some of the best ideas and tips that will help you do so:

  1. The Minimalist Look: One of the pillars of modern luxury interior design is minimalism – the “less is more” concept. It is the starting point for any modern and elegant home.

    You (with the help of your designer) must select pieces carefully and narrow your list down to include furnishings and accents that are beautiful and functional at the same time. These pieces should be simple and have a clean design. They should also help you achieve a tidy and clutter-free free look for all the rooms.

  2. Modern Color Palette: To immediately see and experience a modern, elegant look and feel in your home, choose the colors you will use in your interior design wisely.

    Golden tones, majestic copper and bronze are luxurious and timeless by nature. They effortlessly exude stylishness and also add warmth to a modern interior.

    Modern Color Palette

    However, you have to make sure you don’t go overboard with these metallic colors. Going too far on the golden or bronze side can make your home look cheap and tasteless. Make sure you work with your interior designer and painter to be certain you get the shade you want – one that will give your home an elegant and timeless look and vibe.

    Don’t forget to follow this tip with the smaller and less focal elements of your home as well such as the doors, window frames, etc.

  3. Wood and Cork: A good quality wooden floor can naturally elevate the luxurious look and feel of any room – something that no carpet and other flooring material can replicate or replace. Wooden floors are also more durable and long-lasting and, as such, wood is a cost-effective flooring option.

    Wood and Cork

    Walls, panels and floors made with the light brown colors of natural wood can give a small room a modern and more charming look. Similarly, dark wood can lend a rich, warm tone to your interiors. Cork is also another wonderful material which works great for walls, panels and cabinet doors.

    Keep in mind, though, that rooms filled with wood and cork must be accompanied by a bright lighting design. When combined with bright natural light and other spectacular artificial lighting ideas, you will have a warm, comfortable and elegant room.

  4. Modern and Elegant Lighting Fixtures: Even if your interior design does not showcase wood, you can boost a specific room’s elegant appearance by having the right lighting fixtures installed.

    Modern and Elegant Lighting Fixtures

    Hanging a gold or crystal chandelier in the center of the living room or above the dining table will elevate the level of elegance in your home. Beautiful lamps and wall lights with contemporary designs will also give anyone the quick impression that they are in a house with a modern luxury style.

  5. Crown Moldings: Crown or overhead moldings add an interesting architectural quality to any room while visually separating the walls and the ceiling.

    Crown moldings are not that complicated or difficult to install, and when placed properly, they will look expensive and elegant. There are pre-cut and pre-painted molding options you can choose from.

    You or your decorator can even simply paint a white band around the ceiling to imitate the looks of a perfect molding.

  6. Long, Flowing Draperies: Curtains are crucial in enhancing a home’s appearance. The right ones will make your house look modern and luxurious.

    To ensure that your curtains will help give your home a contemporary and elegant look, choose long, flowing ones and hang them from the ceiling. Let the curtains cover the entire wall as well. Length creates an illusion of spaciousness and elegance.

    To give the window dressings a modern twist, add some accessories to the bottom bandings of the draperies. Choose colorful accessories that will give the curtains interesting visual details.

  7. Metal Furniture with Simple Shapes and Designs: Furniture pieces with clean and elegant designs, which also have slightly curved angles, now have the highest value in modern interiors.

    Metal furniture works beautifully with wooden floors and walls. What’s more, they add shiny luxury and durability to any home furnishing.

    Metal Furniture with Simple Shapes and Designs

    Aside from gold, you can also opt for sleek and classic hues and materials such as chrome, silver, metallic grey or brushed nickel. They don’t exhaust the eye and are always amazing to look at. These details help make a room look brighter and more stylish.

    You can also apply silver and other metallic pieces in your interior design without making them the focus of attention. Try hanging a large silver mirror frame or group picture frames made of chrome on a cabinet or mantelpiece.

  8. Ceramics, Glass and Natural Stones: Today’s homeowners favor decorative items such as artworks and ceramic vases. Glass pieces and tiles made of terracotta are also popular. Any home can benefit from the shine and sparkle that these accents can bring in.

    Natural stones such as marble and onyx are now part of many modern interior designs. You can use beautiful stone slabs to create majestic accents that will look elegant for years. They can also enhance the bohemian or eclectic look of any space.

    Whether you are still having your dream house built or you want to give your home a makeover now, you won’t go wrong with giving it a modern luxury look. With a refreshing and luxurious interior style, you can achieve the comfortable, elegant, appealing and timeless vibe you desire for your private space.

This means that your interior design won’t go out of style quickly, and anyone entering your house will marvel at the overall look and ambience of your home.

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