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Nothing can beat the feeling of being home after a long day at work or college or after a long holiday. The emotion is just beyond articulation. But you know what’s your “place to be” in everyday life!!! A place just for you, where you can have your own time!!! Yes, it is the very obvious place we are talking about – the bathroom, your second skin. A place you go to – first thing in the morning, your crying zone, place where all the crazy ideas pop out of your monstrous head, place where it all begins – the first message, the first conversation, napping zone after a long day at work or hangover after a crazy party last night. Imagine a potpourri of emotions involved at one place!! Then why not give it a look that defines you. Bathroom design that speaks to you, that defines you.

In today’s post we will talk about bathroom designs – some colorful, some in single colors, to help you choose your second skin. Usually such posts don’t get the desired attention, but this post is dedicated to those who value this space. There will be a lot of ideas in the coming section to help you spruce-up the most intimate space of your home. Let’s explore an array of bathroom designs then –

1. The Pristine white – Well this is the most common and most liked design when it comes to bathroom. White wash basin, with complementing grey tiles, white bath-tub, white commode, and grey towels and to complement white we have black or wooden cabinets or accessories. Can you image how beautiful it can look!!! Let me show you how…!!!

bathroom designs

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2. The Lively Kind – What about adding colors to it!!! Fond of colors, then make your bathroom vivacious and vibrant by adding just the right tinge of colors to it. Be it happy blue or jolly yellow or elegant red or the freshness of green, choosing the right colors can do wonders to your bathroom. Colors could be added to the tiles, floor or the wall or the cabinets or the towels or bathrobe that you use. Or just adding a simple floral tile on the wall of your white bathroom can give it the desired look which can make it look refreshing and alive.

white bathroom

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3. Accessorize It – You don’t wish to change the current color and mood of your bathroom. And looking for a different look without renovating it, then accessorize it. There are an array of accessory suggestions and options that would sweep you off the floor and give a fresh look to your bathroom without any hassles. A simple plant on the cabinets or the wash basin can brighten your bathroom. A colorful ladder can act like a cabinet and accommodate a lot of your toiletries. A vivid frame to your mirror will also look cool. How about photo frames of your favorite movies or quotes or musicians or musical instruments!!! Or what better than being an artist and giving a texture paint to a wall. Well it’s all about painting your heart out. These bathroom design ideas will help you in your bathroom makeover. So don’t waste your time and try our bathroom design ideas to your home bathroom now.

bathroom design

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