Ways to dazzle up the bathroom


While bathroom is more associated to its functionality and utility, doesn’t define it to have a cold vibe. Bathroom could and should be made as vibrant as any other part of the home. You can even give a tinge of your own personality to the most intimate space of your home – Bathroom. Well bathroom is the first place you wish to go in the morning, for obvious reasons (pun intended). Then why not make it vibrant by adding colors to it. And let me tell you my friends, by adding colors we only mean colors at the right place so that it breathes positivity and gives a kick start to your day.

We are sure you are already thinking about ways to make your bathroom colorful and make it more appealing. Well we have quick ways that surely will dazzle up your mornings.

1. Fixtures – this is an integral part to having a comfortable bathroom. This factor decides about the longevity of your bathroom and thus the decision of buying it should be thoroughly thought of. You must be wondering how fixtures can add colors to the bathroom. Well this is a tricky decision. You can go for colorful bath tub or wash basin or toiled seat. Having bought colorful fixtures and keeping the rest in neutral color can definitely add the oomph to your bathroom.


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2. Tiles – this is the simplest and most common way of making your bathroom vivacious. How about artistic tiles or graffiti designs on the tiles!! This will surely steal attention of people using your bathroom.

graffiti designs on the tiles

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3. Paint The Walls – have kept hidden the artistic streak in you!! Well not anymore. It’s time to bring all the arts out on the walls of the bathroom. You can simply paint walls (single colors) or experiment by using texture paint or contrasting colors or by simply making one of the walls artistically appealing. You can even try painting the ceiling and give your bathroom a much needed new look.

Paint The Walls

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4. Shower Curtains – don’t wish to invest a lot in giving a colorful look to your bathroom, well we have this very convenient way to make your bathroom come alive. Use colorful shower curtains; this will instantly make your bathroom look and feel much brighter.

Shower Curtains

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5. Furniture – well your bathroom must be having minimal furniture like cabinets or shelves or even mirror frames. How about painting them this time!! Or how about introducing a new furniture to the bathroom – buy a new colorful chair or table complimenting the overall design of the room

6. Linens – this is yet another simplistic way of feeling good about you in the morning. How about getting colored or printed linens!! This is a fun way of experimenting with daring colors when it comes to bathroom linens – mat, hand and bath towel, rugs or bathrobe to name a few.

bath towel

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7. Accessories – bathroom accessories which we otherwise never notice could become the highlight of your bathroom. How about having a colored soap case or for that matter dustbin or toothbrush holder which complements the furniture of the bathroom.

These simple ideas can certainly make your bathroom cheerful. However, do keep in mind the overall design and colors of your bathroom along with natural light. These factors are crucial in making a decision of quick make-over.

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