Tasteful And Chic Side Table Decoration Ideas For Making A Statement

Side Table Decoration Ideas

The table is a piece of furniture with a flat surface and one or more legs for support. On the basis of functionality, tables can be classified as a dining table for serving dinner basically placed in a dining room or kitchen. Coffee table a comparatively low table placed in a living room to exhibit items (show piece or magazine or vase or photo frame or pot) or to serve munchies and drinks. Bedside table as the name suggests is kept beside the bed to place alarm clock or lamp. Side tables are multi-purpose tables placed near the bed in a bedroom or near the sofa in a living room. Coffee table and bedside table are categories under the side table. Side tables have become a part of home decor ideas as well.

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Side tables apart from their utility can also make a statement by reflecting your fine taste in design and art. There are a number of designs, patterns, forms, styles, and colors available when it comes to a side table. Be it your bedroom or living room, there are side tables for every theme and color combination to make the spaces more visually appealing apart from being functional. Today we’ll discuss some the unprecedented side table decoration ideas and styles that will certainly add to glamour of the already existing designs and decor.

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  • Pallet Side Table: also called sofa side table, is perfect for a comfortable experience. See the below image for reference. Classy, elegant and pleasing to the sense of vision, the side table is perfect when you want to indulge in binge reading or watching movies with some fine wine on a lazy Saturday afternoon. The wooden finesse gives it a rustic look and the best part is it could be easily folded when not required. You can even enjoy your morning tea or coffee and read the newspaper. We absolutely adore this design.

    Pallet Side TableImage Source: Google Images

  • Layered Side Table For The Bedroom: we suggest a layered side table for the bedroom to make it more functional. The bedroom is the most comfortable space for anyone and what better than making some space for storing essentials you need all through the day. Layered side table will help you segment the items in accordance with the priority. The topmost layer and also the easily accessible layer can have an alarm clock, lamp, watch and sunglasses or spectacles. The subsequent layers can be used to keep important reads or books or novels or maybe a photo frame. You can also make space for extra items like potted plant or ashtray or a showpiece. See the below image for reference.

    Layered Side Table For The BedroomImage Source: Google Images

  • Ottoman Side Table: this is a different sort of side table we have come across. These have a layer of cushion for an added comfort and could be used as a table or chair as per the convenience. See the below image for reference. We like the way a serving tray is kept on the ottoman, making the living room look classy.

    Ottoman Side TableImage Source: Google Images

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