Here are some trendy 2018 home diy’s

Rugs- the basic home improvement

As 2017 is coming to its end, we are starting to think about fresh new look for our homes. Want it or not, some trends that were a hit in 2017 will definitely be gone in the upcoming year. In a fashion that might be chocker necklaces and in design it might be furniture on wheels.

Many people stick to their old furniture and existing style of their homes because of finances or lack of inspiration. They find renovation too expensive, and extremely time-consuming. In some cases that is true- refreshing your home could cost you thousands of dollars and a lot of time, stress and mess is included. Luckily, in the golden internet age we live in there are thousands of simple guides and portfolios online that can inspire beautiful and unique DIYs. DIYs are the most efficient way of changing your property fast and easy. In the following article, we bring you top trendy home DIYs that will boom in 2018 and give your house a new glow.

  • Art all over the walls: Having a bunch of art pieces or pictures on your wall was found pretty outdated and dull in the last couple of years. However, we believe that wall art will take the world by storm 2018. The thing about wall art is that your home is never dull; even if you have a plain white colored room with white or black furniture and no color, wall art can turn things around and give a funky and fun look to space. You put photos of your close family and frame it in bold colored frames, or you can invest in original artwork. Use the opportunity to make your art and get creative. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece as long as it is vibrant, lively and fun. Try combining colors of the frames with or in contrast with the rest of the room.

    Art all over the walls
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  • The 70s are back; avocado and gold colors: Remember those funny avocado green curtains back in the 70s? Or lamps with green and gold stripes? Well, as crazy as it sounds the brilliant avocado green and gold combo is back in 2018! Avocado green is currently having its big comeback in many fields, for example, fashion as well together with icy blue and pastel pink. Gold is big for the last couple of years, but it lost its strength in interior design. That is why the avocado-gold combination is perfect; it creates an elegant but warm vibe for your property. You can combine it in multiple ways; green walls and golden pictures frames, green avocado sofa and pillows with golden detailing and so on. Search the web and get inspired!

    The 70s are back; avocado and gold colors
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  • Plants, plants, and more plants: This one is the ultimate in the budget DIY project. Whenever you are in need of affordable renovating or refreshing idea for home then always focus on plants, gardening or overall greenery in your house. Plants are a fantastic way to redecorate your home and a perfect trending DIY for 2018. They add freshness to space, enrich it with some color and CO2. There is a big chance you actually learn to love gardening- dealing with plants is highly relaxing. Greenery is not lacking creativity. You can use hanging planters, floor planters, paint your pots, create little stripe or dots in the color you want. It is an ideal way to make your room more bold and unique.

    Plants, plants, and more plants
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  • Forever trendy: Black and white pattern: If there is one trend that never goes away in every aspect of every industry it is the black and white pattern, prints or color combination. No matter if we talk about cars, clothes, accessories or, our main topic, home trends, black and white is always the right choice. It never goes out of style, and you do not ever have to fear that it is outdated. However, because it is such a classical way of decorating it is wise to spice things up and combine it in various ways. You can add graphic black and white pillows, black and white sheets on bright, intense colored bed, black and white wall art and so on. Ideas are really endless. The thing about this classic combination is that you can use it both for vintage home decor, for an elegant home look, funky or sophisticated.

    Forever trendy Black and white pattern
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  • Rugs- the basic home improvement: Rugs in bright colors or various unique patterns can really turn things upside down in your property. Rugs can add a touch of your personality. If you are aiming for a sophisticated and gentle look, then icy blue is the right choice, if you want your rug to stand out and be the focal point of the room then opt for red or purple colored ones. You can make your own mats or personalize existing ones in many ways, one being sticking a bunch of smaller rugs together in big one. Or maybe sew your own out of all t-shirts you don’t use and paint it the color you want.

    Rugs- the basic home improvement
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  • Mirror frames: Mirrors are always a good addition to your home, and they provide your space with more light. Another good thing about them is that they can become an ideal DIY project. Mirror frames are what make each mirror unique. Mirrors can either be dull and serve their purpose or they can become a home decor piece and still serve the purpose. It is up to you! Essential tools you need are super strong glue and pattern you want to glue on the frame. Some of the popular ideas include rose petals, seashells, zircons, beads and so on.

    Mirror Frame
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  • DIYs are a way to go: These trendy DIYs will for sure have a significant role in 2018 home decor hits and trends. There is a lot more out there- you can search the web for more ideas or even find online tutorials for making a unique rug, new mirror frame, planting different types of plants and greenery and so on. Don’t think so much about big investments and focus on things you already have in your home!

    DIYs are a way to go
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