Home Decor Ideas & Trends For The Year 2018 To Look Upto

Best House Plans 2018 Home Decor Ideas

As the year comes to its closing stages, there is new excitement, hope, and feeling that the coming year would be better for everyone. While we suggest home decor ideas that help in making your haven seem and look different and of course visually appealing, some of the best house plans 2017 have been acknowledged by many. However, the year 2018 will be different in many ways for interior designing as well. Planning a house that is elegant, easy to maintain and is simple is what everyone plans for. The kitchen, living area, entrance, rooms and other spaces are thoughtfully planned.

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Best house plans 2017 had every nook and cranny attentively planned to an extent that there were home decor ideas even for the corner spaces. The use of bright hues and bold colors was quintessentially a part of interiors of houses in 2017. The coming year will be different. We are not saying the home decor trends will change drastically. However, subtle changes in best house plan 2018 are what you can definitely expect. You must already be speculating the elements. That’s exactly what we are here for, after all!! Today we will suggest home decor ideas and trends that will smoothly and gracefully make it way to best of interior plans in the coming year.

  • Kitchen And Dining Area Combined: best house plans 2017 has dining area either independently planned or attached to the living area. 2018 will be about breaking the norms and making dining space a part of the kitchen, maybe Kitchen Island to be used for dining just like in the reference image below. We like the way walls and the ceiling has light hues and the floor compensates it all with the dark wooden flooring. Really one of the ingredients for best house plans 2018.

    Kitchen And Dining Area Combined Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • The Exteriors: it is a fact that exteriors of the homes give a glimpse of the home decor ideas inside, why not make a lasting first impression then!! We suggest keeping the entrance as close to nature as possible, it will surely be a breath of fresh air. Make sure the grass is well mowed and trees are timely trimmed off the dead foliage and twigs. The more you maintain it, the cleaner and inviting it will look. Definitely, something to look forward to best house plans 2018.

    The Exteriors Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Lights In The Kitchen: lights play a vital role in making any space look appealing and more pleasing. How about planning inverted pendant hanging lights right above the dining table in the kitchen!! Lights fitting to the ceiling are yet another way to have illumination in the area. Simple yet quite an effective home furnishing idea!!

    Lights In The Kitchen Home Decor IdasImage Source: Google Images

  • Brown And White Kitchen: best house plans in 2017 had use of black and other dark hues like red in the kitchen. The coming year will have more of soothing colors like neutral hues and maybe combined with wood, just like in the reference image below. Definitely coming in the list of best house plans 2018!!

    Brown And White Kitchen Home Decor IdeasImage Source: Google Images

Hope you liked these best house plans in the year 2018 and wouldn’t mind using in different home spaces.

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