Top 10 Green Home Building Ideas

Green Home Building Ideas

With the monkey of global warming not leaving human backs anytime sooner, greenhouses are an obligation now, not an option.

Green Home Building Ideas

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The good thing is that people are adopting this profitable habit of theirs very quickly. If you are still wondering, are the houses which use alternative methods of energy usage and production in order to use less of the mainstream electricity.

So, for all, you new savers of the world who are seeking home decor ideas to build a green home, here is a top ten list.

  • LED and CFL lights: It is kind of given LED and CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Lamps are insanely cost efficient and saves tons of energy.

    Both alternatives also require lesser space and provide more light than the standard incandescent bulbs.

    LED and CFL lights
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    CFL and LED are much appreciated when talked about greenhouses; because of these lights have a deficient heat producing rate too, including other factors.

    Another feather on LED/CFL cap is their super extended life period. As compared to the traditional bulbs, LED/CFL has a 30%-40% longer lifespan.

  • Consider Checking the Energy Star Rating Before Buying Products: House construction is the best time to turn your home green. Most people will weight on this because this is the time when you will be able to buy new cost and energy efficient products.

    Consider Checking the Energy Star Rating Before Buying Products
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    The best way to find how much energy efficient a product is to check its energy star rating before buying a product.

    The energy star rating system was started by the government of United States of America to control the greenhouse gas emissions.

    Appliances screened through the regulations set by Environmental Protection Agency are given stars based on how much energy they save.

    Five stars is the highest of the rating while one star is the rating given to the appliance which is not saving the energy at all.

  • Having a lot of Trees Around: You may have noticed it or might have known it already but to reassure again, planting trees, plants or having a garden near your house is a great way to reduce energy usage of your home.

    Having a lot of Trees Around
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    While, in summers plants will help you by cooling down your home, by providing much-needed shadow and by purifying the air around your house.

    In winters, trees at the same time as providing the fresh air will won’t come in the way of your precious sunlight and will shed their leaves, so you can sit and enjoy your morning tea under sunshine.

  • Try New Tankless Heaters: Winters are a fantastic time, you are lazy, at times you are cold, and at times bed is the only destination finalised for you.

    Try New Tankless Heaters
    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

    However, if one could choose only one activity that takes a lot of minutes from the clock in winters, is the refreshing bath.

    We all have wasted a lot of valuable minutes and a lot of gallon waters while waiting for the hot water to come down from the heater.

    The heater has some hot water stored in its tank, but it reheats it and heats some more to refill the storage, before start pouring hot water for you. This process wastes energy, water and time with immediate effects.

    Now, the solution to this problem is tankless heaters. The water in tankless heaters passes through the electric coil, straight to you which make them such a good alternative.

  • Insulating the home: Insulting is probably the most critical fix while creating a greenhouse in the 21st century. Majority of the electricity bill of our households are dominated by energy consumed by the appliances keeping our house hot in the winters and cold in the summers.

    Insulating the home
    Image Source: Wikipedia

    Hence, it becomes more important to keep the heat and cold both inside your house when the appliances make it.

    This task is completed with the help of insulation. While insulation of an already built whole my burn your entire pant, let alone the pocket, it is not so expensive if you are planning to install it while building a new house.

  • Green And White Roofs: Painting your roof white, lying white tiles on the roof or having a terrace garden is the most comfortable home décor ideas to cut down the cost of electricity in a household.

    Green And White Roofs
    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

    This method wouldn’t cost you much too. The white color of the roof is recommended because this white color doesn’t absorb heat as much as the dark tones, therefore the house will remain cool from inside.

  • Say Hi to Solar Energy: Solar energy is next to free when it comes to electricity cost and is as natural as it happens.

    It will cost less if you will install them in your house during the construction comparing to installing the solar panels later.

    Say Hi to Solar Energy
    Image Source: Pexels

    Solar energy is beneficial in the areas where they have direct access to the sunlight and where winters are not very cruel.

  • Recycle: You can use your old jeans, newspapers etc. as insulators, this will only save the money, you would spend on any other insulators plus it will save a lot of space, so it is indeed a win-win situation.

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

    Recycled glass, steel, aluminium, wood, plastic and even used soda cans, can also be used for this purpose.

  • Rain Water collection: We, humans, have been using so much of fresh water for so many useless things that now the world is suffering from a water crisis.

    Rain Water collection
    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

    The latest victim of this crisis in Cape Town, so to avoid such situations in your hometown, you can start storing rainwater and start using it.

    You can use it for gardening, in the restrooms and for cleaning the house.

  • Placement of Windows: Other than doors, windows are essential openings of a house. Ventilation of the house and cross breeze of a room is based entirely on the placing of windows.

    Placement of Windows
    Image Source: Pixabay

    So, if your windows are poorly placed then your house will have inadequate ventilation and no cross breeze at all, making you use the artificial cooling more and often.

  • Ending Words: These are ten those ideas which one must follow if one desires a friendly and efficient greenhouse. There are many other home decor ideas on this topic too, but these are the points which cannot be neglected. New Start homes help to find best house builder gold coast.

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