8 Design Tips To Spruce Up Your Backyard

Design Tips To Spruce Up Your Backyard

Your backyard can be a terrific place to host major life-changing events for you and your family. Backyard weddings have become so main stream that even major celebrities like Ellen Degeneres used hers for her wedding ceremony.

Design Tips To Spruce Up Your Backyard

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Here are 8 of the best trendy backyard designs that are surely going to make your backyard look awesome.

  • Go Zen: If you don’t have a big sprawling garden or if you want to go minimalist, a Zen and Asian-themed design may be right for you.

    One of the pros of having a zen garden is that it provides an awesome ambiance for meditation. Zen gardens have distinct green vegetation that match well with big cold stones and calm bamboo plants. Overall, the sight creates a very relaxed atmosphere- an ideal environment for yoga and meditation.

    Go Zen
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    Thick bamboo plants can serve as your fence, acting as a noise drowning ornament from the outside. Other major elements that create a Zen or Asian feel in your backyard are flowing water, succulents, grass, natural lighting, and wood.

  • Get Lit With String Lights: Going with just one specific theme for your backyard can make it boring after some time. Of course, some people are impulsive and end up splurging on a complete backyard overhaul. But if you don’t want to spend that kind of money, add some eclectic lighting to your backyard to spruce things up a bit.

    When you choose to be eclectic, you can mix and match themes from any specific era you want to get your inspiration from. You can mix old design with modern and you can definitely play in between the details to make things a bit more eclectic.

    Eclectic backyards are great for couples who like their backyards cozy but stylish at the same time. An evening garden with a fireplace to stay warm in the night, lit pathways, a combination of succulents, and cool-toned flowers are also a great addition to bring the eclectic vibe.

    Get Lit With String Lights
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    Eclectic can also be a combination of nature and modern design. You can add playful colors with a hint of wood, a patch of grass, a little pond, structural features, decorative rugs, patterned pillows, string lights, candle lanterns, or any historical ornament.

  • Stay Classy And Go Edgy And Temporary: If you want to go all-out modern with your backyard, going edgy and contemporary is the best option for you. Modern backyards feature a sprawling view of cool modern architecture with a hint of minimalism.

    If you view the backyard as an extension of the house, then tiled floors are the real trend for backyards these days. Also, adding a pool, jacuzzi, or a hot tub is a hot trend for contemporary design, so if you have a huge backyard space (and a huge budget) you might want to consider adding a big pool for the family.

  • Go Vintage And Artsy: It is easy to set up a vintage look in your backyard. Sometimes, merely adding string lights to the walls, ceilings, or rails can make your backyard instagrammable.

    Go Vintage And Artsy
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    Woven chairs or tables with a hint of dark brown also add a rustic vibe. And if you have a few things sitting in the basement because they are “too old” for normal use, you can use them as wall designs on your garden or backyard fence. If they are good to use as planters, you can layer them on a ladder and make a mini garden.

  • Cozy Vines – Pergola Times: If you have both the time and the money to grow perennial vines to serve as ceilings on your Pergola then, by all means, go for it!

    Cozy and roofed Pergolas are great attractions for backyard gardens. With a few touches of string lights draping on the ceilings or the wall and a well lit cool-hue garden at night, your pergola and your garden will become a great place to hang out with your family.

    Cozy Vines - Pergola Times
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    You can make things cozy with a wooden-base sofa topped with patterned foam cushions and pillows, or you can have it rustic with dining tables and chairs where your family can have an intimate dinner.

  • Kill the weeds, go English and read!: Disney fairy tales taped in an English Country are the perfect setting to fall in love. The beauty of blooming flowers and the elegance of a huge field of green grass with lush conifer trees on a perfectly tailored landscape is truly a beautiful sight to behold.

    English Country themed backyards are naturally filled with lush flowers with different colors.. And these colors naturally blend with a predominantly green background of grass and trees strategically planted to complete the sight in the background.

    Kill the weeds, go English and read!
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    If there’s anything unmagical about having an English Country garden it’s having to pull out weeds on a regular basis. But if you use you the best weed killers in your backyard, you won’t have this problem for too long.

  • Warm and Magical. Hot and Tropical: A tropical backyard vibe is tough to beat. Tropical gardens bring an array of colors to your backyard that can look quite pleasing to the eye. Hardy tropical plants like bananas, bamboo, palm or coconut tree are quite easy to grow. Most of these plants can grow in any season so taking care of them is easy.

  • Create The Ultimate Kid Haven!: Having a playground in the backyard is hardly a new thing, but if you want to spice up the way your playground looks right now, you might want to add a few more pieces or remove a few things that are totally useless.

    Create The Ultimate Kid Haven!
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    Your kid needs space though, and they are going to run around and bump into anything that’s in the way.

    Slides and swings are still a great way to have fun but mini log cabins, wobbly rope bridges, climbing nets, and monkey bars are a phenomenal way to spruce up your backyard. Spend a summer with your children to complete this project and watch how much fun they end up having in their own little playground.

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