The Aroma of Candles

Heights Matter

Candles are a gorgeous way to light up your room, living room, gallery or any other part of the home, as they could be effortlessly embellished and accessorized with any décor and design pattern. Candles are handy, easy to use, and could be placed almost anywhere in the home. Hence, this blog is dedicated to those who like to brighten up their home in a traditional way using candles by adding a modern twist to it. We have five Do It Yourself (DIY) candle decoration ideas and inspirations using pillar candles and floating candles that have a calm, tranquil and cheerful feel.


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Pillar Candles –

This is the simplest Do It Yourself candle decoration you can try. And it requires just a few accessories to give it a complete look. A good candle holder (glass holder to be precise) is just an ideal starting point to accommodate white pillar candles. You can accessorize it with sand and seashells to give it a tropical look.

Pillar Candles

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The Serenity of Floating Candles –

Floating candles can do wonders and can have just the perfect calming effect in the ambience. To create a spa – like impression use floating candles in bathroom and guest room. One of the ways to spruce up the atmosphere with floating candles is by using simple plain long glass vases or a big glass bowl. Fill the containers with water and gently place the floating candles in each vase. You can even go creative and use flowers as accessories.

Floating Candles

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Little Creativity Does No Harm –

Sometimes, a little creativity or an out of the blue idea can make even a simple decorative look attractive. As we have mentioned, a little creativity does no harm and can give the required classy finish. Get innovative with candle holder. Use concrete candle holders and paint them with bright colors as it will compliment the white pillar candles. If it is too much of a pain, use ribbon to wrap the candle. And stick seashell or any other decorative on the ribbon and it could save up your money and act as a charming center piece to your dining table.

Let’s Get Little Contemporary –

For a contemporary look, hang candles. It sounds crazy, right!! But trust us, you are going to love it. You need to get 5 fish bowls, hang them at different lengths with colorful ribbons or single colored ribbons (depending on the overall décor of the area) and place floating candles in it. There you have a stylish chandelier and you just did it yourself.

Heights Matter –

The simplistic way to deck up your room is by using pillar candles of different heights. Place white pillar candles in different heights and patterns (preferably 5-7 in numbers) on a long rectangular wooden tray. Create a romantic ambience by accessorizing the tray with flowers and don’t forget to light the candles.

Heights Matter

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Hope, the Do It Yourself ideas we shared inspired you to create a space for candles in different areas of your home.

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