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We all love wallpapers. They can instantly brighten up a room without investing too much money and time. With the advancement in technology, there are an array of 3 D designs and beautiful digital prints available in market. However, you must have observed, wallpapers are used on walls of rooms, which is quite mundane. Have you thought of using wallpapers in a different way!! How about beautifully printed wallpaper on ceiling!! Sounds exciting, right?? Today, we will discuss about areas or places you can use wallpapers other than the walls.


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1. Ceiling – ceilings are mostly bland and hollow spaces in terms of usage. All you can do is hang fans or chandeliers or maybe hang lights or accommodate fixed lights on ceilings. What more!! Putting up wallpapers on ceilings could be an option you must not hesitate to consider. Adding patterns and designs to the ceilings is enticing and can do wonders to small spaces in terms of making them feel spacious. Having repetitive small pattern wallpaper can certainly make a small room look and seem to be bigger.


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2. Book Shelves – can you imagine using wallpapers on the back of shelf!!??? Such an inspired use of wallpapers. Generally you can’t show much creativity in bookshelves, we feel there isn’t sufficient room for it, which makes it look drab. A little contrast at the back may give it just the right lift. Make sure the wallpaper you choose for the back of the shelf isn’t too cluttered with designs.


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3. Lamp Shades – you must have never even noticed how blank the lamp shades are. Isn’t it? Well, it is never too late to experiment. Why not make this highly ignored space turn into something pleasing to the sense of vision!! We suggest use of light colored wallpapers with small patterns would look lovely. Just make sure the lamp shade is not transparent or translucent to get the desired effects.


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4. Drawer Liners – well, using wallpapers in drawers of wardrobe or dressing table or side table of your room or even the drawers or shelves of your kitchen is an interesting idea. And what better than seeing a blast of lovely colors every time you open the drawer!! Now you can make this activity of putting wallpapers in the drawers more fun by using different wallpaper in each drawer rather than the same in all the drawers. You can even select wallpaper which might go with what you assign the drawer to. For example – VS wallpaper for your lingerie drawer and so on.


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5. Storage Boxes – the best way to put to use the left over wallpapers is by using them to wrap your storage boxes. If you are no ready for a potpourri of patterns, designs and colors yet, you can use same patterns but in different colors. That will certainly give you more variety.


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Hope you loved these interesting and creative ways to use wallpapers other than walls and inspired enough to experiment and use them in your room.

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