Off Beat Home Ware Items For The Picture Perfect Interior Design

Going Subtle With The Vintage Look Home Ware Decoration Items

As interior designers and bloggers we get a chance to  meet a gamut of interesting people across the country. While many are eager to take our suggestions when it comes to housing interior design ideas, there is always a handful lot we learn something new from. Some of them are so thoughtful when it comes to home decorative items that the sheer idea leaves us spellbound. Apart from sharing the beautiful stories and experiences what caught our attention were their home decor ideas. They create a magical combination of display on the center table or side table or on the walls and the items are bought from some of the places they have recently been to. We totally admire such people; just being with them makes you so positive about life in general.

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Today’s blog is going to be about some of the best home ware items and ideas we have seen lately to decorate houses. The ideas are absolutely undemanding, simple to use and easy to place. And the end result is more than classy and refined. Be it the living room or bedroom or study, the elements are universal and could be used in any or every space of the house.

  • Is it study or living room!!!: Time and again we have mentioned that living room is the most chilled out space of home which can be used for formal and informal gatherings and meets. One wouldn’t hesitate to make it comfortable for self and the visitors. Thus, making a collection of interesting reads be it novels (fiction or non-fiction), magazines (travel, lifestyle or fashion) or comics will leave a lasting impression on guests.

    Is It Study Or Living Room Home Ware Decoration ItemsImage Source: Google Images

  • Abstract can be beautiful: abstract paintings or wall design or even lamps can make some of the most unusual and impressive home ware decoration items. This friend we visited last month had abstract paintings brought from Egypt, Nepal, and Japan and he put it to the best use by hanging on the wall right behind the sofa of his living room. And let me tell you the living room looked casual, comfortable and lively.

    Abstract Can Be Beautiful Home Ware Decoration ItemsImage Source: Google Images

  • The Beauty Of Artistic Lamps: lamps come in different shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. Our favorite being Arabic lamps, with intricate and interesting designs and bright colors can instantly brighten up any space. Be it your bedroom or living room or even dining area lamps can certainly add to the grace and hence are one of our favorites home ware decor items.

    The Beauty Of Artistic Lamps Home Ware Decoration ItemsImage Source: Google Images

  • Going Subtle With The Vintage Look: Vintage never goes out fashion and never fails to disappoint the house. Having a big vintage clock in your living room or just a vintage table and chair in your bedroom can make a lot of difference. Look at the below image for reference. The horse on the side table, the trash bin right under the table, the cup, small vase, clock or card holders, everything is so perfect about the setup. We absolutely adore this.

    Going Subtle With The Vintage Look Home Ware Decoration ItemsImage Source: Google Images

We are sure you wouldn’t hesitate to use one of the ideas shared in today’s blog. Keep planning and have a fruitful Sunday.

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