Best Interior Design Ideas for the Unused Corner Spaces

Study Areas As Corner Spaces - Home decor ideas

Planning interior design for home is a dream come true and it gets better when you have a freedom to design and work on it independently without having to make compromises. This, we believe is the best feeling ever. While looking at interior design magazines (Architectural Digest being our favorite), going to furniture and paint houses gazillion time to have the perfect decorative items for your house, one tends to forget the often ignored but important spaces. These are the corner spaces and let us tell you empty corners can look ugly and give you serious nightmares and take its toll on your dream home.

Unused Corner Spaces - Home decor ideas
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Corners have always been the “left out spaces”. And we have been okay with it. However, over the years with the people being more aware of their lifestyle, a need has been realized to look after every nook and cranny of the house. The results are more than beautiful we must say. It takes a lot of thinking, brainstorming, creativity and out of the box ideas to fill these weird spaces. Don’t worry friends; we are here to help you out. Today we are going to share some of our favorite corner space ideas, you wouldn’t hesitate to use.

    • Table Lamps As Corner Spaces: one of the easiest ideas to fill up the empty spaces is by having a table lamp. Keeping it abruptly doesn’t solve the purpose, make sure you have a comfortable sofa next to it and having a good display of reads on the wall next to it can convert the entire set up into a reading space. See how a simple idea can make this corner look so vibrant!!!

      Table Lamps As Corner Spaces - Home decor ideas
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    • Special Corner Elements For The Kitchen: your kitchen is designed in such a way that it leaves an itchy corner space, well don’t you worry about it. You can put it to best possible use by having a microwave shelf with drawers below it. If you have a dining space with your kitchen, you can even opt to have a television shelf right above the microwave.

      Special Corner Elements For The Kitchen - Home decor ideas
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    • Empty Spaces In Kids Rooms: keeping the planning of the entire house to one side, designing kids’ room can drain all your energy. Well, this room does need special attention, after all your little munchkins will spend most of the time there. Make the corners creative and lively by building shelves so that kids can place their toys or anything they want. It will also give a sense of order to the room.

      Empty Spaces In Kids Rooms - Home decor ideas
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    • Study Areas As Corner Spaces: converting corners into study areas is one of the smartest moves one can possibly have. All you need is a thoughtful planning while designing and deciding on interiors of the house. And one would never actually know a dull or mundane corner could ever exist. Spruce up the study by having books at one side and maybe a frame or two to keep you motivated.

      Study Areas As Corner Spaces - Home decor ideas
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Hope these ideas inspire you enough to rethink on the corner spaces to make them come alive.

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