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Living Room Decoration Ideas Home Decor Ideas

Living room or a lounge will always be one of our favorite home spaces. And why wouldn’t it be!!! The only space that can manage to have a casual gathering or a formal meeting, it can pull off any occasion effortlessly. And thus, it becomes important to maintain it and timely look up interesting living room decoration ideas. No, we are certainly not talking about big change; we don’t have the time and currency for it. However, bringing in simple elements like a beautiful vase or a collection of family or abstract picture frames or just color coordinating the big things can add an element of freshness to your living room.

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Updating any small space in the home can make the entire home feel and look fresh. The living room is the only space where the family sits together (apart from the dining area) and also the first space guests notice once they enter the home requires an extra attention and effort when it comes to interior design. Today, we have for you sassy yet elegant living room decor ideas which you can easily manage and bring about the much-needed change to your home.

  • Keep It Simple Silly: you are fond of neutral hues and have been using light colors for walls, rugs and upholstery. Well, don’t you worry!!! Bring about the required change by introducing dark elements to complement the neutral tone. Start with dark colored cushion covers. You must be having a good collection of family pictures or pictures from last travel, well it is time to get them printed and framed to put on the wall behind the sofa. We suggest the use of dark frames to complement the light color on the wall.

    Keep It Simple Silly Living Room Decoration IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Going Bold With Mirror: having mirror in living room may not sound good as an idea to start with. However, it is good to be bold at times. Having one big mirror or a series of small mirrors will certainly make your living space look more stylish. Apart from adding a good change, it will also reflect light to the living space, thus making it look brighter and bigger. Look at the below images for reference, doesn’t it look absolutely classy and modish!!!

    Going Bold With Mirror Living Room Decoration IdeasImage Source: Google Images

  • Follow The Class & Not The Mass: how about bringing the outdoors in!!! Yes, we are talking about making your living room greener with small potted plants. Apart from adding the change, it will also make the living room look fresh. How about having a cushion with beautiful printed designs or just a word on the cover!! Yet another simple idea isn’t it!!! You can even add a vintage serving table or a beautiful lamp for an extra appeal and comfort. See the image below for reference.

    Follow The Class & Not The Mass Living Room Decoration IdeasImage Source: Google Images

Hope after reading today’s blog you will finally start your living room decor process, which otherwise you kept on halt. We will come up with more interior designs ideas for different spaces in our coming blogs. Stay tuned for more. We would love to have your feedback in comments below. Have a great weekend!!!

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