Neat And Classy Home Decor Ideas To Feel Like A Celebrity

Neat And Classy Home Decor Ideas To Feel Like A Celebrity - Home decor ideas

If you would have noticed, from the last couple of weeks we have been trying to give a sneak preview of lavish homes of celebrities. They surely know how to make the best use of home decor ideas to make their space look nothing less than extravagant and luxurious. Every minute details like the – texture on walls, upholstery, crockery, bathroom hardware or even the quality of lights are chosen in a way that oozes plush, deluxe and comfy home living. It is important for celebrities to take care of all the little particulars about their home because the way they plan and design it reflects their personality and their posh living. After all they are the idols of millions and whatever they wear or how they live becomes a trend.

Varun Dhawan’s new house designed with a luxury touch by her mother, and he is living with her wife Natasha Dalal. His living room is too classy, white painted with eye-catching paintings, and placed gold brass showpieces on the coffee and side tables. Black and white marble looks good with the white wall.

Varun Dhawan's Living Room



Today we will discuss celebrity house interior design ideas of an actor who started his career with Karan Johar in Student Of The Year, his acting skills were highly acclaimed and he has bagged a lot of movies since then. He is also the son of famous film director Mr. David Dhawan. Yes, you are absolutely right!! We are talking about the Humpty Sharma aka Varun Dhawan. With the release of this much-awaited movie – Judwaa 2, Varun Dhawan is certainly stealing all the attention. Be it his natural acting or his effortless dancing skills, Varun is all set to a part of the league of Bollywood’s top celebrities. In a recent interview with Miss Malini, we got a chance to see the beautiful house of this budding superstar. While they were busy having breakfast, we were noticing simple yet well designed and graceful home decor. In the coming section, we will share and discuss home decor ideas that grabbed our attention.

    • The Perfect Dining Table: we like the way dining is a part of the living area, but still is placed separately. The way crockery, cutlery, and other items are placed, gives a feeling of having breakfast in a royal restaurant. The selection of chairs is well thought as the focus is on the comfort and it is combined with a strong wooden finish for added ease. Tablecloth and napkins add to the grandeur of the entire set.

      Neat And Classy Home Decor Ideas To Feel Like A Celebrity - Home decor ideas
      Image Source: Google Image

    • The Concept Of Feature Wall: if you notice the image carefully, the wall right behind Varun Dhawan is converted into a feature wall. The feature wall is basically a wall that stands out amongst all the walls of an indoor space. Could be wooden or have textured paint or made of bricks or stones. In this image, beautifully textured paint makes it stand out from the rest of the walls.

    • Frames and Plates On The Walls: we do not have any idea about the utility or significance of the frames and plates hung on the walls, but we adore the use of these simple elements to make space look more visually appealing.

Hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog as much as we did while writing it. We will share home decor ideas of yet another celebrity next week. Keep following us for latest home decor ideas, inspirations, and updates.

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