Guest Room Decoration Ideas To Make The Stay Of Your Beloved Visitors Comfortable

Guest Room Decoration Ideas - Home decor ideas

How so ever big or small the house is, we always try to look for ways to have a maximum number of rooms. When it comes to home decor ideas, the major spaces include – kitchen area, dining area, living room, bedroom, kids’ room and maybe a spare room. We always keep a bandwidth of an extra room which can either be converted to a storeroom or could be used for other purposes like a study room, playroom, recreational space or guest room. I fondly remember my childhood days, we had a huge house but few rooms and whenever we had a guest coming over, and we used to accommodate them in the living room or the hall area. Such an embarrassment isn’t it!!

Guest Room Decoration Ideas - Home decor ideas
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When we got an opportunity to move to a new house, the priority was to have more rooms. Our new home is not as big as the previous one, but it surely has a number of comfortable spaces catering to all the age groups. Guest rooms are a boon these days. When our distant relatives and friends spare time from their busy schedule to meet us, it becomes our responsibility to make them at ease and provide them an ambiance that makes them feel like home. Let me tell you, it’s a challenge but we are here to help you with it. Today we are going to discuss home decor ideas and inspiration to make the guest room comfortable by adding elements that are easy to use and at the same time make the room look elegant.

    • Small Guest Room: when you don’t have a fairly big space dedicated to the guest room, you can make the most use of the available space by having less furniture!!! Firstly, we suggest the use of foldable beds. Secondly, you can merge the kitchen dining together with a common window, which will also help you serve them better. Use neutral shades in a major portion of the room to make it feel bigger.

      Small Guest Room - Home decor ideas
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    • Common Master Bathroom: yet again space saving idea!! Instead of having a bathroom attached to the guest room, you can adjust guest room in a way that it iis attached to the master bathroom. Master bathroom is comparatively bigger and thus more comfortable. See the below image for reference. We are fond of the way this master bathroom has two sinks and a lot of drawers and shelves to accommodate belongings.

      Common Master Bathroom - Home decor ideas
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    • Luggage Stand: this idea is inspired by hotel rooms. The luggage stands or racks are a smart way to keep the luggage if you don’t have a cupboard in the guest room. Luggage stand will serve a dual purpose of accommodating the luggage and also for footwear or other personal belongings. See the below image for reference. These look classy, don’t they!!

      Luggage Stand - Home decor ideas
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We hope you found these guest room decor ideas interesting and easy enough to be used in your own guest room. Just remember to add a personal touch to the guest room by having a welcome note along with a water bottle. This will certainly make their stay memorable.

Interesting guest room decor ideas - Home decor ideas
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