Take Home Decor Tips from Siddharth Malhotra’s New Abode

Material Of Luxury To Perfectly Portray Playful Attitude Celebrity Home Interior Ideas

Everybody dreams for a beautiful and gorgeous house for himself which they can decorate with their creativity. All of us need a personal private space for our family to spend some quality time with our loved ones in our paradise. Also, there is no other place that can match the comfort and coziness that we get in our home. Whether it be celebrities or a common man, they all need some personal space where they can relax and spend some time with themselves and their loved ones. In other words, there is no other place that can match your house. Here, we present you one such celebrity who has this same thought process while designing his house. He took care of all his needs, likes and style of living while doing the interior decoration of his house. Youth icon and the famous Bollywood celebrity – Siddharth Malhotra. Yes, you are lucky enough to get the insides of this heartthrob actor of Bollywood as we take a tour to his house so that even you can get a glimpse of the lifestyle of this celebrity.

His house can easily be called a heaven on Earth in simple words. He has a beautiful sea-facing pad which is very spacious. In Mumbai, a spacious house of your own is a dream of every Mumbaikar. It is classy yet elegant. It is gorgeous yet trendy. His furniture and interior decoration have a modern look with a contemporary touch. In the interiors, Siddharth has equally been focused on lighting to the very small details of soft furnishings. The home decor interiors give a feeling of exquisite and polished work with a young positive vibe all around the house.

Material Of Luxury To Perfectly Portray Playful Attitude Celebrity Home Interior IdeasImage Source: Google Images

The house is equipped with every material of luxury to perfectly portray his playful attitude. The walls are painted with mostly light colors. The place is not filled up with unwanted things rather he has opted to keep it simple and spacious. It really gives a feel of a New York loft – which is not too much modern but still very cozy and relaxing.

Home Is Where The Heart Is Celebrity Home Interior IdeasImage Source: Google Images

According to Siddharth – “Home is where the heart is” and he proves it right with as each and every corner of the house has a cool homely vibe. His house will definitely force you to think on the revamp of your nest like him. You can definitely take some home decor ideas from his house as he has the perfect amount of quirkiness on the floor for you.

In the view of experts, home decor is not about how much you spend on it rather it should have a glimpse of your personality to portray your taste of creativity. Only basic furniture with innovative color scheme can completely change the look of your house without vanishing your bank accounts. There are many people who do not give importance to home decor but it not only makes your house look pleasant but also it lets you take pride in. A makeover for your house will be very valuable for a change and would also make your loved ones fall in love with your small portion of paradise. It is not necessary to do a complete redesign but a new set of furniture or a new paint job would completely change the look of your house.

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