Kitchen Remodeling – Resale or Personal Use!!??

Kitchen Remodeling

While Kitchen may not be the face of your home (not many people would want a tour to your kitchen), but it definitely is the key to a scrumptious meal. If you don’t feel good about your kitchen, you wouldn’t want to spend much time here, which in turn means less time to prepare meals. And the most common outcome would be more and more ordering of outside food because family isn’t happy with the home-cooked food. Did you get the intensity of this concern!!! Read and re-read the above lines. Does it ring a bell!!???

Kitchen Remodeling

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By now you must be thinking about remodeling your Kitchen. And this process requires time and attention and needless to mention sufficient funds. As kitchen renovation is an investment. And like any other investment you must be thinking about the ROI (Return on Investment). And this in turn depends on the purpose of remodeling – for personal use because you see yourself in the current home for a long time or for increasing the resale value of your home. Let us talk in detail about the two.

Remodeling for Personal Use –

As we had initially discussed, a poor kitchen set-up has biggest impact on your quality of life. Planning and spending few extra bucks if required will not only give the desired look to your home but also elevate the emotional value associated to it. White remodeling give a major thought to things and areas that will give you greatest pleasure. Spend on items you like the most. Like the kitchen appliances, crockery or cabinets. Having a seating for 3-4 is also a good option if the area is bigger. In this process, give importance to – what could serve for a longer period because remodeling is once in year’s kind of opportunity.

Remodeling for Personal Use

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Remodeling for Resale –

While doing this your goal should be more monetary return. As you know it already, kitchens are central to a home. And let’s be brutally honest a well-furnished, modern kitchen will grab a buyer’s attention more than a regular one because you know remodeling is not an easy process and anybody would look for an updated kitchen. You can keep in mind the following pointers while kitchen remodeling for resale purpose.

1. Style – style should be kept in mind as per the current trend and above all what others are going to love. Style should be finalized keeping in mind the overall look and feel of the house and “what’s going to sell”. For example – you can use stainless steel wherever required along with transitional style kitchen.

2. Be Wise – set your priorities and invest on areas you feel will add more monetary benefits to the resale value. Similarly, look for low priority items so that they could be left out.

3. The Wow Factor – keep a room both in terms of space and money to add eye-catching elements. Like play with the lights, how about a pull-out pantry, or maybe a small candle light dinner space. This will boost up the appeal of your kitchen to probable buyers.

Remodeling for Resale

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