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Arranging a wardrobe is a task. Be it teenagers or adults, the wardrobe is always untidy. And nobody bothers to clear the mess. In this case wardrobe design and its placement becomes a grave matter of concern. Also, a thoughtfully designed wardrobe could become the face of your room. After all, who wouldn’t want to flaunt their more than perfect wardrobes!!??

Everyone has a different style for their wardrobe, which resonates with their persona. And it can be customized depending on interest in arrangement of clothes, or size of the room. Surprisingly, customized wardrobes have become the most easy to get to part of interior designing.

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Today, we’ll share a few tricks for smart wardrobe designing that will give your room a dreamy “film-set” look.

1. Kind of Wardrobe – first you need to decide what kind of wardrobe you are looking for. Sliding door kind or open kind or the traditional door type.

2. The Doors – if you want to go for wardrobe with doors, the next question is what kind of doors you are looking for. Doors in the form of mirror are quite in trend these days. Mirror doors, apart from saving up space, will also make your room look bigger. Or you can simply go for glass doors, these will add to the style of your room. Glass doors don’t necessarily have to be transparent. They can be translucent or frosted as well. You can also get your doors artistically painted, with bright or colors that compliment your room. You can even go for high quality, sleek wooden or high-gloss laminates on the doors to give it simple yet classy look.

3. The Open Kind – if you decide to have open shelves, having a curtain is good option to keep the dust off the clothes and other belongings. The color and design of your curtain can also go with the overall look of your room. The advantage of open shelves is everything is well in reach and no need to take unnecessary struggle of opening or closing the door.

Open Wordrobe

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4. Drawers – don’t forget to add drawers, I repeat a lot of drawers in your wardrobe. At some point we always get short of space coz we keep buying clothes as we feel we have got nothing to wear, quite figuratively. Having drawers will make your wardrobe look more organized and you can even divide your wardrobe into sections and plan storage accordingly.

5. Multi-purpose – you also go with a multi-purpose wardrobe. You wish to accommodate your television (television panel) or a dressing table or a book shelf (for the collection of books to quench your ardent reader thirst). Having a well thought wardrobe can accommodate these things and save up ample of space in your room for other things that interest you.

Apart from the few tips we mentioned, it is always advisable to shell out little time from busy lives and timely make your wardrobe more presentable and organized by cleaning it (especially the mirror doors), by getting rid of clothes and belongings you don’t use anymore and by updating it regularly.

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