Introducing the delight of mirrors in your home decor

using mirrors at the right spots

Mirrors have been an integral part of interior design for centuries now. A simple mirror can light up a room and add to its elegance at the same time. Mirrors are beloved “trick of trade” for every interior designer because of their ability to make rooms appear bigger and also to fill up the empty space on walls when you are unable to find an ideal piece of art or other decorative. Using mirrors on walls is a smart ways of making rooms appear bigger because the reflection creates a sense of illusion, thus making it spacious and feel bigger. Mirrors are ideal design essentials for small spaces. They can turn room’s reflection into a work of art. Imagine the reflection of an artistic wall on the mirror, can you visualize how beautiful it could look!!! One very important trick to remember here is – use of small mirror on a large wall should be avoided. The scale of mirror should be proportional to the empty wall space.

Magical Mirrors

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Lately, there has been a demand for everything rustic and vintage. And mirror with vintage frames have always been more appealing. Placing mirrors adjacent to the windows will make a delusion of additional windows and making the room seem a bit bigger.

bit bigger

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Having mirrors right above the furniture, for example – any display table in the bedroom or living room, can be used as a piece of art instead of frames and other decorative pieces. You can even decide on a collage of mirrors on walls. A collage of mirrors of different shapes and sizes will definitely look artistic and make the space appear bigger. This effect of mirrors should be used in areas that are deprived of light. You can also make a romantic atmosphere by placing candles on the table and let your mirror reflect the arrangement of lit candles at night. You can boast your collection of mirrors in the staircase as an alternative to the common idea of putting up family pictures.

mirrors of different shapes and sizes

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Mirrors have effortlessly made a place in dining rooms for two simple reasons – they fill up the blank space on the wall and make the dining area look more open and relaxed space for eating. It adds to the cheerfulness of the area by dazzling natural light.

While it is difficult to change the actual size of a room, it is possible to visually enlarge it using mirrors at the right spots. Simply position them on a wall to reflect a pleasing view from the window, to bring the outdoors inside. On the other hand a large mirrored wall in the bedroom can turn out to be a part of artwork in a minimal space. Apart from reflecting the light it can also serve as last minute check-point before leaving for work. It certainly brings simplicity to the room.

using mirrors at the right spots

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Hope we provided some inspiration and insights to your ideas of introducing the delight of mirrors in your home décor. So let mirrors sparkle your room with all the magic and create an individual and one of a kind ambience in your home.

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