How To Mix Colors And Make Your Home Feel More Vibrant

art and upholstery

Colors have always been most talked about element when it comes to Home Decoration Ideas. The topic has always been researched on, scrutinized, subjected to debates and what not!! When it comes to mixing colors there are basically two kinds of people. One who like to play safe and thus use neutral shades!! The other lot on the contrary, and also our favorite, who like to challenge the norms and question what the masses have been doing. They basically like to use bold colors and give their interiors a statement that is brave and gallant.

use multi colors on walls

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This is what we absolutely adore about colors. They have this implausible ability to make even a moderately designed home look absolutely stunning and on contrary if not used thoughtfully could make even the best of interiors look utterly hideous. The trend of opting for neutral colors is changing. People are now experimenting with colors. They wish to make a strong and lasting impact and thus have started expanding the color palette. Mixing two colors has always been the ideal way. Well not anymore!! People are introducing more and more colors and not highlighting a particular hue, to make their living space vivid and full of life.

use neutral colors

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Today we are going to talk about areas where splashes of colors could be used without feeling guilty.


The best way to experiment with colors and patterns is by playing with wallpapers. These can add the required depth to any space and light it up with an array of designs and patterns. One can use a terrific color palette with bold colors and designs. You can add colors complementing the wallpaper say on the bed sheet or other linens or even the curtains.

the best way to experiment with colors

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Art And Upholstery

Yet another interesting way to play with colors. If you are still not convinced about mixing bold hues on walls, you can use art and upholstery for a courageous statement while keeping wall colors neutral. You can literally use each and every color imaginable so that no hue feels overpowering. However, make sure the piece of art you choose matches with the upholstery for symmetry.

art and upholstery

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If investing in paints, wallpapers, arts and upholstery seem too daunting a task or maybe you don’t have sufficient funds for the same, add colors using pillows or cushions. These can be required in almost every room and apart from being comfortable could also be used to make the ambience colorful.

add colors using pillows or cushions

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Small Splashes Here And There

How about using colorful chairs on the dining area or colorful lights in your study or a beautiful chandelier in the living area!! Sounds eclectic, right!!

use colorful chairs on the dining area

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Introduce Texture

Yet another brilliant way to add colors and bring about vigor to the area, try to keep one wall made of bricks and cement. And having a neutral color on it will give you just the perfect look. To top it up, hang paintings (mixed patterns and sizes) in different hues.

make the interiors attractive and charming

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Hope these ideas inspired you enough to introduce colors in your home and make the interiors attractive and charming.

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