Easy And Simple Tricks To Make Guest Room Comfortable And Inviting

make the guest room come alive

Do you have a lot of guests visiting your home? Wondering to build a space that feels more comfortable and welcoming!! Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about having a must have space in home these days – the Guest Room. As the name suggests guest room must be the epitome of comfort for your guests. It must make them feel like home and put the guests at ease. Well if you have already accommodated a guest room in your home, we will today share interior decorating ideas for guest room.

make guest room comfortable and inviting

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India is all about warm hospitality. We have been conditioned since childhood to abide by adage atithi devo bahava which means a guest is like a God. And hence we make sure they are relaxed and contended with their stay with us. Hence, decorating guest room becomes even more important. And the way we decorate it makes all the difference. Yes, look and feel of a room is important. But we feel ease and convenience play major role in a guest room. The idea should be to design it in such a way that guest doesn’t have to disturb you or anyone in family frequently for water or charger or toiletries or first aid to name a few.

decorating guest room

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So first things first, have all the basic necessities in guest room like – toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, towel, napkin, extra pair of chappals, moisturizer, oil, comb, charger, bottle of water, anything to munch, and first aid kid. The idea is to make them feel valued. Apart from these necessities, you can make the guest room stand out by following these simple decoration tricks.

First Impression – before you start up research or look for ideas and inspirations think of how could make the first impression as you know it is the last impression as well. Think about how you can have a lasting impact by creating an ambience that looks good and also not too heavy on your pockets.

guest room interior

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Play With Colors – colors can catch attention instantly and if planned thoughtfully can make a lasting first impression. You could either go for safe options like neural colors or could make a bold statement using bright colors like mustard or indigo or tinge of red in the room.

use neutral colors in guest room

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Windows – it is very important to let natural light in and windows can beautifully do that. Make sure windows are big to have maximum share of natural light and for fresh air to seep in. Also having big windows will make the room look spacious.

make the guest room come alive

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Add Some Life – make the guest room come alive by adding few elements here and there. Like potted plants at the window or side table, paintings (make the wall artistic) or having a big chandelier or simply having a small aquarium or fish bowl will certainly make the room livelier.

guest room makeover

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Apart from make the room look beautiful take of functional needs as well. Hope now you know how to get it done right. We would like to hear your guest room makeover stories in the comments below.

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