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Hang It Correctly

Home Renovation Ideas
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Those who take home renovation or new home decoration very seriously, they always let their imaginations run wild to find new ideas to decorate their own little beautiful worlds. Lighting fixtures have always remained the most in demand element of home decoration. The application of lighting fixtures in home decoration is as old as our desire of making our home as beautiful as possible. There was a time when there were no designer wall clocks, beautiful wall paintings, wall stickers, fountains and other home decors available. People at that time had plenty of home renovation inspirations and ideas to decorate their homes with flower plants and lighting fixtures. There were no wall paintings but they used to paint the walls of their homes.

Home renovation inspirations and ideas
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Next addition to the list of home decors at that time was a curtain. The chandelier is one of the oldest ornamental lighting fixtures. The oldest surviving chandelier was made in the 11th century. A chandelier has been the first choice of quite well off families since medieval times.

Enough of this little history lesson and let’s cut to the chase and catch a glimpse of modern chandeliers, especially how these pieces of beauty can transform your home into a beautiful luxury space. Shiny chandelier crystals reflecting light in all directions, a chandelier not only illuminates but also completely changes the ambience of an interior. A beautifully crafted crystal chandelier can easily do wonders if you are looking for some cool yet reasonably priced home decoration ideas. However, when it comes to buying and hanging a chandelier, it is not easy.

We can safely say that there is no limit to options. There is a huge variety of brilliant chandeliers. The number of options ends when imagination ends. The huge variety of chandeliers can make your head spin like a spin top. However, as always, we are in your side. We present you a comprehensive guide for buying and hanging a beautiful chandelier of the right size at the right price.

  • Browse Some Popular Online Stores: Spread your net a little wide as there are nearly never-ending options. Chandeliers not only come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The size, shape, color and number of crystals and lamps also vary. So, consider the design and size of the space where you are going to install the chandelier. Visit some of the most popular websites admired for their collections of traditional and modern chandeliers. In case you don’t want to shop a chandelier online, explore chandelier collections in some local stores. Whether you are buying one for home renovation or you are going to hang it in your new home, explore different options and buy the most suitable one.

  • Choose the Right Size: An over sized chandelier will cover the entire ceiling. A too small chandelier will be an insignificant addition to the decoration of the space. A chandelier with a diameter between 17” and 20” is ideal for 10’ X 10’ room. The diameter of the chandelier for 12’X12’ room should be 24” to 36”. You can hang a chandelier in any room of your house. So, consider the size of the room before buying this splendid lighting fixture.

    Choose the Right Size
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  • Complement the Interior: Almost all reputed online and local stores sell customized chandeliers. This piece of beauty should be an amazing addition to the existing style and ambience of the space. So, in addition to the size and shape of the chandelier, also give a decent thought to the design and color of the chandelier bulbs. Make sure that the color and shape of crystals and the entire design should not be alien to the interior.

  • Or, Design an Interior That Complements the Lighting Fixture: Maybe the room should be designed according to the showstopper. A magnificent chandelier can be the most outstanding feature of the room. Everything designed around the chandelier will look great. If it is an old-styled chandelier then decorate the room with vintage style furniture and classical wall arts. Choose the paint color for the room according to the color and style of the chandelier.

  • A Crystal Chandelier Is Not the Only Option: Whenever you think about a chandelier, suddenly a picture of classical chandelier pops out in your minds. This majestic chandelier appearing in your imagination features beautiful shiny crystals and colorful bulbs. Maybe you have been unfamiliar with the surprising evolution of the lighting decor industry. They have created an impressive range of beautiful non-crystal chandeliers such as stained glass chandeliers, fixtures featuring shining metals, seashell chandeliers and sputnik chandeliers are some of the best examples of non-crystal chandeliers.

    A Crystal Chandelier Is Not the Only Option
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  • Think Outside the Box: Chandeliers look great in entryways, dining rooms and master bedrooms. There are a few other non-traditional spaces where you can hang a chandelier. There are chandeliers specially designed for kitchens. There is a variety of chandeliers for bathrooms. And, if you want to make your kids feel special then hang the chandelier in their room.

  • Wall Mounted Chandeliers: A wall mounted chandelier is a fascinating design idea. Wall mounted chandeliers are as charming as traditional ceiling chandeliers. Just like traditional chandeliers, there is a huge variety of wall chandeliers for every room of your home.

  • Hang It Correctly: Usually, a chandelier comes with a chain of ideal length. And, if you are a DIY guy, you will have to make some measurements. If you are planning to hang the lighting fixture in the dining room then hang it approximately 30” to 36” above the dining table. So, choose the length of the chain according to the height of the ceiling. In case the beauty is for the entryway, don’t hang it lower than 7’.

    Hang It Correctly
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  • Make It the Center Of Attention: A beautiful chandelier is without a doubt the best piece of decoration in a space. It does not matter whether it is a crystal chandelier or non-crystal chandelier, a chandelier displaying vibrant colors can quickly grab the attention of your guests. Make it the focal point and see it doing wonders for you.

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