Home decor ideas to decorate your bedroom with fashion, fun and adventure!

Fill In The Blanks Home Decor Ideas

Our bedroom is our favorite room of the entire house. And why not? Our bedroom has seen it all and has shared everything with us. From the pillows that helped us sob quietly in the nights when the days were not so good, or the bed that helped us jump on it when we were excited AF, or be it the windows that have helped us look at the stars and dream higher, everything in our bedroom is a part of our life. And therefore, our bedroom should be designed and decorated in such a way that it speaks for yourself, without having being said anything. You might have guessed so far, today, we are going to talk about home decor ideas to decorate your bedroom.

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At the end of a tiring day, when we get back home and head to our bedroom, all we want from it a giant comfortable hug, without any electronic or kids or anything (although they usually find a way to force themselves in anyway). Our bedrooms should be such the define our personality, so, for all the fun people, here are some cool home decor ideas to decorate your room with all fashion, fun and adventure.

  • Finely furnish: This is a type of bedroom for those who love everything to be at their reach at one place. If you are one among those, all you need to do is to wisely plan out the things that your generally need from day to night and then create the room decor accordingly. Make sure to have a nice bed-side table for you know, all those necessary essentials like the chargers, notepads, the favorite photo frame, the night lamp, the best read, etc. A finely furnished room would include storage trunks, media centers, night stands, dressing tables, and of course, your king size extra comfortable bed.

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  • Color and pattern: If you are among those who like to keep it all funky and colorful, the best idea for you would be to play with wall paints and patterns. Contrasting colors, or interesting patterns on the wall, either in form of wall paint or through wallpapers, is a great idea to spark up the room in a way that it compliments your personality. If not solid colors, you go for some theme that you think are really ‘your type’, like the floral theme, etc. Whatever you pick, just make sure that you do not overdo it because of course, you want to make it eye-catchy and not eye-paining, right?

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  • The single-color scheme formula: You would be thinking what is that? Well, let us explain. Color scheme formula talk about the possibilities of coloring the entire room in a single color, of course, the name is suggesting it too. Well, in this you need to pick decent, subtle color, like teal, turquoise, beige, gray, etc. and then layer your room in different shades of this color to make it look even more appealing.Like for example the cushions and the bedding could be one shade, the curtains could be another shade and the walls can be of another shade of the same color, got it? For more reference look at the image below.

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  • Fill in the blanks: There are time when we focus on the bed and the furniture more and forget about the empty walls that later scream at us loud. Isn’t it? Well, if this is the case with you, all you need to do is to throw in some extra thought and fill in the blank spaces. For the fashionista in you, you can either hang up some stylish mirrors or the pictures of the fashion icons or some fashion wall arts. For the fun animal in you, you can hang some games like the wall-dart game, etc. and for the adventurous freak in you, you can use the empty space to stick out a world map, to help you plan out your next trip. What say?

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