Petite Home Decor Ideas For The Much Needed Make Over

Small Items With Big Impact - Home decor ideas

India is a colorful country and best part about Indianness is the zeal and excitement with which we celebrate all the festivals. Be it Christmas or Eid or Diwali or Onam or Lohri, we don’t hesitate to rejoice special occasions with near and dear ones. While the festive seasons come and go, what remains is the house which after a lot of hard work you converted into a home. Home decor ideas are not only about the major changes but small changes that are promising and not disappointing in any way. The major changes include – change in wall colors, making space for new furniture or changing the existing home design altogether.

Home ware decoration items - Home decor ideas
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The big changes, as we mentioned in the above paragraph, are difficult to execute frequently for two main reasons. Firstly, these are time-consuming changes. Secondly, sums to the major portion of the investment and thus should be thoughtfully planned. You must be wondering how we make a home feel different then, as it is boring to live with the same furniture or colors for a long time!! The answer is quite easy. In order to spice up the decor of your home, we suggest you start taking homeware decoration items seriously.

Again there are two main reasons for the same. Firstly, these are easy to use. Secondly, these are inexpensive ways to make your home seem different. Today we are going to discuss some really easy and simple homeware decoration ideas which you can use throughout the year to make the living spaces more visually attractive.

Black and white living space - Home decor ideas
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    • Small Items With Big Impact: small changes like a potted plant or interesting cushion covers or artistic frames or rugs or even an ottoman can make spaces feel new and fresh. See the below image for reference. We absolutely loved the way hall area with ease leads into the living room. The placement of frames or rugs and the color or the white owl on one side of the door or books in the shelves or ottoman is cunning planned. Did you notice the Do It Yourself basket at the other side of the door (opposite the white owl)!! The color of homeware items smoothly blends with the existing color combination and theme of the rooms.

      Small Items With Big Impact - Home decor ideas
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    • Farmhouse Decor Style: to make the entryway quirky and attractive, we suggest use of rustic home ware decor items using wood. Wood gives the required class and elegance to any area. See the below image for reference. The different symbols, shapes and frames used to make the wall look new and speak volumes about the fine taste of the family.

      Farmhouse Decor Style - Home decor ideas
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    • Smart Shelf Ideas: we have time and again written about the benefits of having shelves in rooms to make the area more spacious. Apart from open and regular shelves, you can try for a smarter design as shown in the reference image below. Our eyes are stuck on its design. Creativity and utility at its best!!!

      Smart Shelf Ideas - Home decor ideas
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Hope these small homeware decor ideas help you plan your home in a better way. We would like to know your views in the comments below.

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