Fun And Simple Table Decoration Ideas For Christmas Eve

Small Christmas Tress on dinner table

Well having a good time with family and friends is the sole idea behind celebrating Christmas. Christmas is incomplete without singing carols and dancing to some good music and delectable cuisines. People bond over food. And what better than this occasion to have all the delicacies on the dinner table. And hence table arrangement and settings play an important role. After all food should also look visually appealing!! Whether traditional arrangement or completely modern, today we will discuss about ideas and inspirations that will help you pick the perfect design for Christmas dinner which is a small part of home decoration ideas.

Table Decoration Ideas For Christmas Eve

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So spruce up your dinner table with smart and festive decorations.

Table Cloth

To match up with the Christmas spirit, one of the easiest ways to deck up the dinner table is to change the table cloth. Have a vibrant table cloth with Christmas colors or could even have table cloth with lyrics on it.

smart and festive decorations

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Sparkle It Up

Do not restrict Christmas decorative ornaments limited to just the trees. You could even use them to decorate the table. How about colorful, sparkling metallic balls, as you can see below!! Looks gorgeous, isn’t it!!

decorate the table

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It is a great way to tell your guests that you care for them without taking too many efforts. And it is pretty cost effective as well. You could have the table napkin folded beautifully and tied with a ribbon. And have a small card with their name on it. Simple idea but can create a memorable impact.

Table Decoration For Christmas Eve

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Place aromatic candles in the middle of different shapes, sizes and height. Let you guests enjoy delicious food in an aromatic ambience. Candles could be placed on stand or could even be put in mason jars.

Different Sections

Have separate sections for munchies / appetizers, soup, salad, main course and desserts. You could give same theme to all the stations or could also give a twist to each to make the dinner interesting.

Small Christmas Tress

We absolutely love these adorable and tiny Christmas trees. Have them as center pieces or you even have fake ones placed on the plates, to be given as a favor to each of your guest.

Small Christmas Tress on dinner table

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Make It Antique

Have a potpourri of vintage objects to make the dinner table stand out. Use more of wooden accessories and center pieces. Take out those elegant wine glasses which you had bought for special occasions.

Fresh Flowers

Christmas is incomplete without having a tinge of fresh flowers. Use as many fresh flowers on dinner table set-up as possible. We suggest you of carnations. They look absolutely gorgeous!! Imagine bright red carnations on the center pieces.

bright red carnations on the center pieces

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Hope these easy and simple ideas will inspire you make your dining table shine brighter. Just a couple of hours away from the celebrations, we are sure you must be making last minute preparations. Take a deep breath; relax all your hard work is going to pay off.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!!

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