Lights And All That Jazz – Placement, Functionality And Color Scheme

lamps in kitchen

Lighting is an important aspect of interior designing. Home decoration ideas are incomplete without having thought of the placement and kind of lights you wish to choose in your home (any and every part of home to be precise). If you have luxuriously designed the interiors of your home and you lack insights on lighting, your money, time and effort could go in vain. That’s the magic of lights. It can make even a moderately designed home look absolutely stunning if used thoughtfully. On the contrary, if overlooked it could make your dream home (with extravagant interiors) look absolutely shabby.

magic of lights

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When we talk about light, it not only means artificial lights. Infact it includes natural light as well. Practically you can’t control the duration of natural light due to the obvious reasons. The idea here is to make a balance between natural and artificial light to control the amount of light entering the room. It is a fact that light makes any area look and seem bigger and more spacious. Even darkest and dullest of wall colors could look absolutely amazing if complimented with the right kind of light. While talking about natural light, these make the interiors look best effortlessly. You must have observed, during day time your room looks more charming, comfortable and pleasing to the sense of vision. Having window(s) is a key to penetrate maximum light during the day.

natural and artificial lights

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Now let’s talk about the light we can have a good control on – artificial or man made light. There are basically two types of artificial lights on the basis of functionality.

  • Accent Lighting – these as the name suggests are used to accentuate a particular area or element of decor like paintings or plants or a piece of art on wall. These lights could be extremely effective in making objects stand out, however for the best results the angles at which these are placed must be accurate enough.
  • Task Lighting – These lights are placed in areas where you spend most of your time reading or working. Yes, in order to carry out your task in an eased out manner that gives less strain to your eyes, task lights are used. Could be placed right above your desk or in the kitchen or even bathroom (for the purpose of shaving or applying make-up).

lamps in kitchen

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The delusion of any space is determined by the amount of light reflected by the walls. And certain category of lights further helps with this illusion by facilitating more illumination from the walls. Bright or gaudy colors could be softened by lights. Similarly, dull or light colors could be brightened by using the right amount of light. Which means you can actually adjust how light or dark section appears in your room.

fixed ceiling lights

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You could have fixed lights (on ceilings) or lights hung from ceiling (reverse pendant or chandelier), lights hung on the walls or even have desk or side table lamp. Ideas are many but it all depends on the overall decor of your room and the scintillating effects you want to give to it.

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