Feeling Festive This Diwali with Home Grown Decoration


There are two major festivals celebrated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm in Indian culture – Deepawali (Diwali) and Holi. Festival of Diwali is all about pleasing Goddess Laxmi for her to shower blessings in our home and for prosperous beginnings. And this was the day Lord Ram returned home (Ayodhya) after a vanwaas of 14 years. The occasion of Diwali undoubtedly celebrates the victory of good over evil and that’s the reason homes are lighted with deepaks (diyas) to not to leave a single corner of the home in darkness. With Diwali being round the corner, we have decided to dedicate this blog to those who want to spruce up their home in a different and more visually appealing way this festive season. Diwali preparations start with cleaning every nook and corner of the house, as it is believed that Goddess Laxmi resides in homes that are neat and clean and well decorated. Today we are going to share ideas and inspirations to decorate your home this Diwali that are easy and fun to do and will definitely steal the gaze of family, friends and acquaintances visiting your home.

Feeling Festive

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• Bring in the Colors – this Diwali let the brightness in with colors. Welcome Goddess Laxmi and your guests with a colorful and vibrant Rangoli. You can make Rangoli with Gulaal (you can find a number of lively and bright colors) or you can use colored rice as well to make a beautiful Rangoli at the entrance. Do not forget to light up the Rangoli with candles or diyas in the evening.

Bring in the Colors

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• Aroma – let your home ooze the aroma of sweets, flowers and candles. You can definitely play around a lot with flowers and candles. Marigold flowers are perfect for any and every occasion in Indian Culture. These flowers effortlessly add vibrancy to the home. And what better than sweet aroma of candles in every corner of the home to pair up with the flowers. Make sure the Pooja area is well decorated with flowers and lights.


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• Let the Lights in – there are two ways to dazzle up your home – with lights and diyas. Hanging lights from terrace look stylish and diyas can give the required elegance to homes. You can even add little extra efforts and hand paint the diyas with beautiful colors and designs.

• New Pinch – well Diwali all about new beginnings, then why not get rid of old and use new. You can take out the new crockery, which you have been wanting to use for quite a while now. Time to use new linens – bed sheets, cushions, tablecloth, curtains, and towels to name a few. Make room for new beginnings by letting go the old.


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Hope you liked the few ideas we shared to make the auspicious occasion of Diwali even brighter. Here’s wishing you a safe, warm, merry and prosperous Diwali. Do not forget to have fun with family and friends. After all festivals are incomplete without get together, food, sweets and laughter with near and dear ones.

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