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black kitchen

So far we have only discussed the layout, designs and types of kitchens. That generally talked about how you can create a spacious kitchen and what designs and ideas work best for open and closed kitchens and how you can make it look and feel bigger, especially the tiny kitchens. However, in today’s blog we are going to talk about the colors. And let me tell you we are not going to talk about boring and outdated white colored cabinets (which undoubtedly look elegant), but about classy and more contemporary black cabinets. How you can create sophisticated and stylish kitchen using black and its hues.

Black Kitchen Ideas

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It is a myth that a black kitchen will not go with most of the colors and make the kitchen look dark; you just need to smartly plan the countertops, and floor, walls and lights to create a bold kitchen statement instead of making it dull and depressing. Having black kitchen cabinets with black countertops and hues of grey on the floor and walls will certainly steal the gaze. After all it is all about the statement you want to create and the tone you wish to give to the kitchen space. Blending is very important in black kitchens as we have said it before, black is a bold color. So a seamless blending of colors and designs of countertops, floor, walls and lights will undoubtedly give beautiful results.

black kitchen

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Lighting plays a crucial role in kitchens with black cabinets to create a balance between the dark of the cabinets and light of the kitchen. So thoroughly look at the windows and analyze the amount of natural light in the kitchen already, and what supplementary lightings you will need to create the desired effect.  For large kitchen spaces, it is advised to first have an island in the kitchen with black top and white cabinets and design the rest of the parts accordingly. You can play with other bold colors like Red or Orange on chairs and stools or maybe the containers. This will make the area little dramatic and add fun as well. A tinge of these colors will make the kitchen seem more vivacious.

kitchens with black cabinets

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You can complement the above set-up with grey walls and floor with a mix of grey, white and black marbles. Also, the kind of black you choose for cabinets is also very important. Shiny, glossy black will require high maintenance and attention as it will easily catch the finger print marks and smudges. Hence, a flat black will give the desired look and will be low maintenance as well. How about hanging frames on kitchen walls in sync with the tone and mood of the overall kitchen area!! You could also go for a colorful light set-up. For example a yellow chandelier right above the black kitchen island will look so beautiful.


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Be it kitchen or any other part of the house, a careful planning and placement of furniture and accessories is essential especially when you are playing with bold colors like black and grey.

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