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Nature is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous things on planet earth. And this is the reason why, when people think of making a new house or plan of renovating the current one, they look for home decor ideas that revolve around nature or at least has a hint of nature somewhere or the other.

There are ‘n’ number of ideas that are available out there for home decoration. And especially when you would go and consult some interior designer or home maker, you would eventually end up seeing home decor ideas, that everyone else is doing with their house. So? What to do? Because everyone sure wants to make their house look different and unique.

Well, the only way out here is to try something that is not tried before or is very less to see around. Don’t know what are we talking about? Well, there’s a new trend that has come up in the decoration industry, and that is of a hanging outdoor bed. Sounds cool, right?

Hanging-Outdoor-Bed-Home-decor-ideasImage Source: Google Image

This is one of the most popular trends that is in when it comes to outdoor decoration. Some people might think in the first place, why outdoor decoration is important at all? Well, for those who think it is not necessary, let us tell you, no house decoration is complete unless the outdoors is equally decorated. Moreover, if you have great indoor decoration, but the outdoors is not well managed, it will sure not create an impression on the onlookers.

Moving ahead, we have got for you some great home decor ideas, that are going to change the way you look at outdoors. These outdoor decoration ideas of a hanging outdoor bed can be executed at any open space, be it the terrace, the gardens, the backyard, or even a balcony. Ready? Check them out below:

  • Hanging bed in the garden: There’s nothing better than enjoying the nature relaxing on a comfortable bed. Never thought of something like this right? Well, to create a look as shown in the image below, all you need to do is to place four, very strong pillars on the four corners, and then hang the bed in the center. To complete the look, get some cushions and a cosy blanket for extra comfort.

    Image Source: Google Image

  • Hanging bed on the terrace: if you are one of those who do not have a huge backyard or a garden area, do not worry. There’s something for everyone. You can create this look either in your balcony (/only if it’s huge enough) or on you terrace. Follow the same procedure. Hang a circular bed in the centre like a hammock. For a little privacy, cover it up from all sides with curtains. For more reference, check out the image below.

    Image Source: Google Image

  • Hanging bed in the backyard: For all those fun nights with your family and friends, instead of getting out the chairs, tables and other sitting objects, just arrange some hanging beds in the backyard and enjoy the night with some beers, bonfire and of course good music and talks. To make it look more magical you can attach some string lights around the hanging bed. For more reference, check out the image below.

    Image Source: Google Image

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