Check out these home decor ideas for campers and never miss home!


Love adventures but miss home? Who doesn’t? There are many people out there, who love being adventurous, going out on expeditions, exploring new places, discovering new locations and unseen places, and wandering around. Some love it so much that makes a profession out it like travel writers, photographers, and what not.

But through all this, there’s only one thing that people often complain about, that is missing their home. The comfort of home, the feel of home and above all the food of home. It is sure not easy to take everything along when you do such jobs. But yet, to make you feel less home sick, we have got for you some great home decor ideas.

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Campers are a great way to take your home along with your wherever you go. HOW, you would be thinking. Well, if you are ready to transform a camper into something very interesting yet comfortable, we have some great home decor ideas for your camper decoration. These van decor ideas are full proof, easy to do, attractive to look at, and will also make you feel home away from home. Check out below:

  • For a simple camper: if you are among one of those who likes to keep things minimal as per the requirement, this is certainly for you. To create a simple and minimal look, as shown in the image below, in your camper, all you need to do is to sort things as per your need. And we believe the stove is something very important when your travel far from home. Thus, firstly get a stove cum kitchen area made, including some drawers to hold the essentials and a wash basin for the dishes. In the rest of the area, get a board surface made, where you can relax or even sleep during nights.

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  • For a colourful camper: if you are more of a colourful person, you are sure going to like this. Firstly, paint your camper in a bright colour, get a sofa seat, a center table with some fresh flowers on it, some art pieces on the walls of the camper, and of course, some extra cushions in different bright colours. To complete the look, get a chandelier or a candle stands in the center above the table, and you are done!

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  • For a cozy comfy camper: if you feel, during the travel from place to another, comfort is your priority, you must opt this look for your camper. To create a look as shown in the image below, all you need to do is to create a small bed in the corner with comfortable bedding, pillows and cozy blankets. Create a side gas cum kitchen area. Create a storage bed, as shown in the image below, with shelves and drawers below, to keep all your essentials required in place. To make your bed or camper look more attractive, you can use string lights to decorate it all. What say?

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