Elegant home decor ideas for an exquisite gray dining room

Lighting Beyond Home Decor Ideas

Gray is a color of intellect, knowledge and wisdom. It is perceived as classic, refined, dignified and conservative. Gray is perfect neutral that lives between the extremes of black and white. Andre Gide once said, “The color of truth is gray”. And we absolutely agree with that. Because of the calm and composedness, it brings to our minds, gray has become one of the most preferred colors by the interior designers and home makers. They just people going for gray when they are asked about home decor ideas.

Elegant Gray Dining Room Home Decor Ideas
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The charm of gray is something that simply refuses to go away and the world of interior designing sure knows how to get the best out of it. If you are looking for some home decor ideas for your new house or because you have decided to give your house a makeover, this is the right place for you. Look no further because here we have for you, some elegant and exquisite gray dining room ideas that are definitely going to leave your jaw dropped. Check out:

  • Stylish shades of gray: If you feel that giving the entire room one single color is not your type, then you can include different shades of the same color. What say? This will neither make the room look, nor will it get out of style ever. It’s a win-win deal for you.The versatile shades of gray not only allow you to use it as a soothing, neutral backdrop but also helps in highlighting the architectural features of the room with the dark hue. You must wisely pick the shades of gray for your room. While picking keep in mind some important factors such as the size of the room, the availability of the natural light and even the weather and climatic conditions of the city you live in. Yes, if you reside in a place which is highly prone to rain and cloudy weather, we suggest not to go for darker shades of gray.

    Switch Shades To Gray Home Decor Ideas
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  • Texture and patterned gray: If you are among those who feel like keeping the walls plain is not the way to go, here’s something you can do. Either get your walls painted in subtle shades of gray and in patterns or get the walls done with textured gray wallpapers. Wallpapers are quite a trend these days, and the best part is, you can replace them whenever you feel like.The wallpapers will help you bring color and beautiful textures in the room in a distinct way, leaving all you on-lookers stunned and jaw-dropped.

    Texture Patterned Gray Home Decor Ideas
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  • Lighting and beyond: Time and over again, we have talked about the importance of proper lighting. Same works here. If you do not have enough availability of the natural light in your room, you must place the lighting wisely in your room to lit it beautifully highlighting the important features of the room and of course, the color. Use some scented candles (for those candle-lit dinners), lanterns (for the antique-y look) and chandeliers and ambient lighting to make sure that there are no dark corners left in the room. Throw in a rug in gray or even some velvety drapes to complete a look of opulence.

    Lighting Beyond Home Decor Ideas
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  • Throw in some white: No color can complement gray better than white. White is another one of the most composed and calm color, that will not only help you enhance the look of the room but will also provide with positive vibes throughout the day. White is a happy color and works perfectly well everywhere.White trims are incredibly popular in gray dining spaces, as they bring along with them a sense of refinement and elegance. You can either use some white wall arts or maybe curtains, some vase or chairs would do too. That’s all up to you.

    Throw In Some White Home Decor Ideas
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