5 Restaurant Design Ideas You Could Totally Apply to Your Dining Room

Balance your seating capacity

Every homeowner aims to create a dining room that is a welcoming meeting place for family and friends. And since it’s the social center of the home, the way you design and decorate it should make it an ideal place for sharing meals and delightful conversation.

In restaurants, when people are comfortable, they tend to stay longer thereby bringing in more profits to the business. Although you’re not aiming for revenue, you can get inspiration from a restaurant designs to integrate an inviting and relaxing ambiance into your dining area.

Restaurant Design Ideas
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For your family and guests to enjoy every meal in your home, here are design ideas you can apply to make at-home dining a wonderful experience.

  1. Balance your seating capacity:

    Just like a restaurant, your dining place should have a balance between seating capacity and a welcoming ambience. In other words, you need to have enough seats for your guests while making them feel comfortable. The distance between chairs should also be sufficient for every person to freely dine without hitting anyone’s elbows.

    Balance your seating capacity
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    Having sufficient seating will save you from having to find extra seats and crowding your dining table. This isn’t a good sight, and you surely wouldn’t want your guests to suffer any discomfort while eating.

    Selecting Dining Room Furniture

    The dining table and chairs act as an aesthetic centerpiece and functional hub in any dining room. When selecting your dining room furniture, consider the following.

    • Dining Table:

      In choosing a dining table, round ones work well in square rooms or small spaces and evoke a sense of comfort. Oval, rectangular and pedestal tables fit long or large narrow spaces and can accommodate more diners.

      You can expand your table options by buying one with removable leaves. For a small dining room, select a drop-leaf, compact flip-top, or tilt-top table that can expand when there’s a bigger party expected.

    • Chairs:

      In choosing chairs, pick out those that have a similar style and feel as your table. Ensure that your chair seats are at least twelve inches below the table top edge so guests so diners will have enough leg room.

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  2. Add color to make an impact:

    Most people are not aware of it but color actually triggers certain emotions. If you may have noticed in restaurants, the following colors are what you’ll usually see.

    • Red and Yellow: stimulate appetite and activate the taste buds

      White: suggests purity and cleanliness

      Blue and Purple: are cool tones that slow down metabolism

      Black: signifies elegance

      Green: implies eco-friendliness and health, but be careful in using this color as it can be unappetizing for some

      Brown and Earth Tones: are appetizing, natural, warm and wholesome

    While you may have a great dining room, don’t forget the significance of selecting the right colors. The psychological impact that colors have on your guests is crucial in creating a welcoming atmosphere in your dining area.

  3. Choose the right lighting:

    Lighting is an important factor to consider as it can hide flaws, enhance furniture and décor, and improve the overall dining experience.

    Choose the right lighting
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    A properly positioned light fixture at the center of your table will encourage conversation among your guests. And whether it’s a single fixture or layered lights, you can get your inspiration from the following:

    • Chandeliers: Simple yet effective, having a chandelier over your table is a classic way to illuminate your dining room. It’s a decorative and functional hanging light that has branches for housing several light bulbs. Most well-known restaurants have this light fixture as a focal point.

    • Pendant Lights: This is a lone light fixture that hangs above the ceiling and is usually suspended by a chain, cord or metal rod. It puts the spotlight on your dining table and provides great ambient lighting.

    • Wall Sconces: You can fuse wall sconces into your design for an elegant touch that will complement the dining room’s motif. You can use wall sconces to peer over the dining room entryway or accentuate a subtle section on the wall.

    • Cove Lighting: Cove lighting mounted on a ledge high on the wall can add a glamorous touch to your elegant dining room. You can use it as a primary light, accent or highlight for your dining area decorative ceilings.

    • Track Lighting: This is a light fixture in which lights are on a track, making it convenient for variable positioning. Track lighting can be your best option for highlighting specific parts of your dining room.

  4. Proper heating and ventilation:

    For your family members or guests to dine in comfort, proper heating and ventilation should be in place. The kitchen releases smoke and smell that you surely wouldn’t want anyone to experience as they are both unpleasant and unhealthy.

    Proper heating and ventilation
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    So it’s vital that you have a system at home that ensures proper air circulation (think ventilation or exhaust fans!).

  5. Decorate the dining table: You don’t need to have a special occasion to decorate your dining table. Make every day special in your dining room by following these techniques:

    • Fruits: Use fresh fruits to add a hint of color to your dining table. Place oranges, lemons or any fruit in a transparent glass container and use it as a centerpiece. The nice thing about this technique is that you can also eat the fruit for dessert other than just use it as a part of the décor.

    • Candles: Pick lovely votive candles and place them inside a fancy candle holder. For a versatile and long lasting candle, pillar candles are also a good option. Candles don’t only add illumination to your dining table, they also make for a great centerpiece.

    • Plants: Have two to three potted plants at the center of your table. Make sure that they aren’t too big so that they won’t obstruct views and occupy a lot of space. A vase of flowers or an eye-catching floral arrangement is also a good option to consider.

Great meals and good conversations are what you share with your family and friends in the dining room. And to make these special moments become more frequent, creating a wonderful dining atmosphere is essential. Consider integrating the ideas above into your dining room to make every meal a delightful experience for everyone.

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