Cozy Bedroom Ideas To Keep You Warm And Comfy This Winter

look and feel of your bedroom

We have time and again mentioned that we absolutely love winters. There’s something incredibly amazing about cold winter nights and a family sitting together in a cozy home. Winters have now officially started as the nights have become colder. This is also a fact that winters can get dull and morose and that’s when we come into the picture. Today we are going to share ideas to keep your bedroom cozy and warm this winter season.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas

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What scarves, jackets and woolens are to the wardrobe, blankets, quilts and other comforters are to the bed!! Having said that we feel it is integral to make your bedroom as warm and welcoming as you would make the entrance or living area or parts of the home, especially in winters. After all at the end of a long day all you need to do is snuggle comfortably in blanket and a cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm and a book to make you feel alive. So here are a few must haves this winter to make your bedroom comfortable and warm.

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Blankets & Quilts

This is a prerequisite to winters. It is about time to take out the pretty blankets you had purchased. We suggest you get a new cover for the quilts and blankets that complement the overall theme of the room. If possible buy matching pillow covers and bed sheets. Bringing in patterns and colors in linens will make your bedroom lively and vibrant.


The amount of light in the room can make or break the interiors. Since it gets dark early in winters, we suggest you to go for Do It Yourself light ideas which are easy and also look great. One of the ideas could be placing different colored LED lights in mason jars. An absolutely easy and fun activity and result is more than beautiful. Try using inverted pendant lights hanging from the ceilings. These look stylish and also serve the purpose.

Layer It Up

Blankets and quilts keep you warm; however, to keep you comfortable as well in winters layering in bedding is essential. We suggest the following layers for a snug sleep –

a. Bottom Layer – mattress pad and sheets for the warmth. This is the layer you sleep on.
b. Middle Layer – blanket and/ or quilt. This is the layer you cover yourself.
c. Top Layer – you can make it stylish by having a comforter or coverlet.

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Small things here and there can instantly change the look and feel of your bedroom. Having a colorful woolen rug will not only add a warm factor to the bedroom but will also make it look pretty stunning. And what better than upholstery and cushion covers to match with the rug!! You can also hang a woolen hand made piece of art to go with the winter theme.

look and feel of your bedroom

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As we have always said, there are innumerable ideas to bedroom decoration; however, you must go with the one that resonates with your personality. We would like to hear your ideas to a cozy bedroom in the comments below.

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