8 Best Carpet Cleaning Methods For Your Home

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Carpets are by far the most used floor decorative product used in Sydney and the reason that makes it so popular is that it is the most durable and easy to clean flooring product. But everyone knows that with good comes bad too; the same is the case with carpets. The carpets get dirty with passage of time and to clean them different methods and techniques have to be used. At Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney, we use the best products and methods to clean your carpets so that they are not damaged in the process of cleaning and rather the life is extended. Following are mentioned some of the cleaning alternatives provided by Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney:

Carpet Cleaning Methods For Your Home
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  1. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning:

    Hot Water Extraction Cleaning
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    It is the most basic and commonly used method of carpet cleaning used by Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney. In this method firstly a cleaning agent is applied on the carpet that helps in dissolving most of the dirt on the surface of the carpet. It also removes all the spots and stains present on the surface. After the cleaning agent has completed its work, hot water is sprayed all over the dirty carpet and all of this water breaks down all those dust particles that were not cleaned by a cleaning agent. After the cleaning work is done, the carpet is left to dry and it may take up to 6-8 hours to completely dry out.

  2. Carpet Shampooing:

    Carpet Shampooing
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    It is the least used method of carpet cleaning in Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney. It is one of the oldest methods of carpet cleaning and an obsolete one. It is only useful for cleaning some carpets that are mostly used in heavily crowded rooms or halls. In this method, a normal cleaning shampoo is applied on carpet and no doubt that it cleans the carpet deeply but it takes too long to dry out and leaves behind foam that makes the carpet sticky in many cases. That’s why only carpets with thick and hard fibres are cleaned with the help of shampoo.

  3. Encapsulation:

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    This method of cleaning came after the shampoo cleaning method and dominated as the majority of companies started using it in place of shampoo. A special cleaner is applied on the carpet also known as an encapsulating agent. This chemical captures all the dust particles present in the fibres of the carpet and as it dries away, it transforms into a dry powder-like residue.

    The dried out residue contains all the dirt present in carpet and can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or by brushing it away. This method was considered better than the shampoo method as it took lesser time to dry out in comparison to the shampoo method.

  4. Bonnet Cleaning: this method is a quick way of fixing a dirty carpet. In this method, a bonnet machine is used to clean the carpet. The pads of the bonnet machine are rinsed with cleaning material before the work of cleaning are started and after that, it is used to clean the upper surface of the carpet. The machine rinses the upper surface and removes any and every particle of dirt present on the surface of the carpet.

    This method is not good for deep cleaning as it cannot go deep inside the fibres of the carpet. This method is mostly used in busy places like hotels and banquets, where the work area is mostly occupied and only a little time is there to clean the carpets.

  5. Dry Carpet Cleaning:

    Dry Carpet Cleaning
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    The dry carpet cleaning method is not the fastest method of cleaning carpets but it does not take much time to dry out as the amount of water used is very small due to which it becomes very easy to dry the carpets. A cleaning powder or formula is applied not on the surface of the carpet but on the back of the carpet so that it can penetrate through the fibres of the carpet and clean the carpet at the micro-level.

    Once the chemical is applied, it is left for some time for action and after that, the residue is cleaned away using a broom or vacuum as all the dust particles leave the fibres of the carpet and can be removed easily.

  6. Steam Cleaning:

    Steam Cleaning
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    This is the most common and most used technique of carpet cleaning by all the carpet cleaners including major Carpet Cleaners Sydney. The main reason that this method is so popular is the fact that it’s the most hygienic of all the methods. It not just deep clean your carpets but also kill the germs and microbes present in carpets.

    A spray of hot water is used to deeply clean the carpets and to do it a special machine is used in which a vacuum is attached that sucks off water content in the carpet along with the dirt and germs.

  7. Dry Powder Cleaning:

    Dry Powder Cleaning
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    In this method, a special substance is mixed with detergent and a little bit of water, and then this mixture is applied to the carpets. The mixture looks like sawdust when it is applied on the carpet surface. It sucks off all the dirt particles present on the outer portion of the carpet. After the substance dries out it is removed and the carpet is cleaned.

    It is not recommended for house carpet cleaning as it does not deep clean the carpets and only makes the outer portion of carpets. This is a fast method of carpet cleaning but lacks deep cleaning.

  8. Dry Foam Cleaning:

    Dry Foam Cleaning
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    it is quite similar to the shampoo method but here no liquid substance is applied and rinsed on the carpet. Here a machine is used to spray dry foam on the carpets, just like in the car wash process. The foam dries out very quickly and cleaning the carpets in very little time.

Again everything has pros and cons and in the case of foam cleaning, its biggest con is that it is also not a deep cleaning method so it does not deep clean the carpet. But it is very effective in removing any stains present on the carpet.

All the above-mentioned techniques are the ones used by our professionals to provide you with the best carpet cleaning services in Sydney. Many other companies are out there providing carpet cleaning services but Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney is the best at providing carpet cleaning services. So if you care for your carpets and want to get the best carpet cleaning services in Sydney then without thinking twice pick up your cell phone and call us now.

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