10 Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard Safe for Kids

Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard Safe for Kids

Backyards offer kids hours of entertainment, fresh air, and plenty of exercises. Unfortunately, children often get injured while playing there. Our experts are sharing backyard ideas so that you can create a safe environment for your kids. Read on!

Make Your Backyard Safe for Kids
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Want to get your older kids off the tablet? Think which baby products can entertain your younger toddler? The best way to entertain children during the summer is a well-organized backyard! Kids of all ages adore having fun there; but, unfortunately, an unsafe backyard can turn entertainment into a dangerous thing. In the US, over 500 children a day get into an emergency room because of backyard playground traumas. To prevent injuries, parents must pay attention and take steps to build a kid-friendly backyard, where children can have not only fun but also stay safe and protected.

Our team has done a thorough research and finally, we found out 10 excellent backyard ideas for kids. Use them to create a safe oasis for your brood!

Keep Up General Safety Rules: Now summer is in full swing, and it’s the best time to ensure that you’ve taken all the necessary precautions to make your backyard a safe place for kids. Here is a list for you to check everything that must be done.

  1. Check the backyard for the hazards :

    Check the backyard for the hazards
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    Children usually don’t watch where they are running and any objects on the ground increase the risk of trips and falls. Therefore, parents have to ensure that there are no fallen tree limbs, broken boards, nails, animal remains, and other dangerous things on the playground. It must be done at the beginning of every season.

  2. Fence the backyard playground :

    Fence the backyard playground
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    It’s crucial, especially if you have a toddler. This way you’ll make sure that he/she won’t escape to unsafe areas of the garden. No need to mention that an adult must always keep an eye on a toddler, even if the little one is playing in your own backyard oasis.

  3. Keep garden tools and chemicals away from the playground :

    Keep garden tools and chemicals away from the playground
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    Do place all the tools and chemicals in a shed with childproof locks. All that stuff may look like toys for children, so make sure to tell them that gardening tools and chemicals are dangerous and only for adults to use.

  4. Get rid of any poisonous plants in your garden :

    Get rid of any poisonous plants in your garden
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    Older children know that eating unfamiliar plants is a no-no, while toddlers may find beautiful, sweet-smelling flower good to touch and even to eat. But you know that many types of vegetation once ingested become toxic. So, if there are any potentially poisonous plants or flowers in your garden, don’t take chances – get rid of them and think about kid-friendly backyard designs.

  5. Set Up Safety Rules For Kids :

    Set Up Safety Rules For Kids
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    Establish the rules, print them out, and post a list of rules somewhere visible. Do make sure that kids understand them and are ready to keep up those rules during backyard games.

    As for toddlers, teach them to stay in one section of the playground, ideally if it’s fenced, and always be close to them. Little by little, explain other rules – how high they can climb, how to use play equipment (swings, slides, etc.) properly, tell which areas of the garden are off-limits and why.

Safe Backyard Creations: Every loving and caring parent wants to create a captivating playground for kids which will not only entertain but also provide plenty of physical exercises and help to grow. We use various backyard design ideas to create a fun atmosphere: build treehouses, settle slides and swings, etc. But above all, kids’ safety is our priority! So, what to check if you have playground equipment?

  1. Ensure that playground equipment is secure :

    If a backyard design includes any play structures, you, as a parent, have to inspect your home playground as often as possible. Check for anything out of order like loose guardrails, rough boards, plus, all protruding bolts must be covered, materials must be in good condition, etc. Note that openings between guardrail posts should be larger than 22.9cm or smaller than 8.9cm. so that a child won’t fall through them.

    It’s better to cover the “floor” with shock-absorbing material like mulch, sand, or rubber. This way kids will avoid serious injuries in case they jump or fall from the structure.

  2. Avoid installing swings or take extra precautions :

    Avoid installing swings or take extra precautions
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    Kids and even adults adore swings but they are a major hazard for children while they are on the playground. Lots of traumas come from kids getting hit in the head or other body parts with a swing. However, if you still want it as a part of the backyard creations, don’t install more than 2 swings on the playground. Also, make sure that a seat is made of soft rubber, this way injuries will be mitigated.

  3. Ensure that all structures, such as slides, or tree houses are on safe height :

    Ensure that all structures, such as slides, or tree houses are on safe height
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    The closer platforms are to the ground, the safer. However, there are general rules on what height to settle slides and other structures:

    4 feet tall or shorter for toddlers and preschoolers

    less than 6 feet tall for older kids.

    If you manage to build such a miracle as a treehouse, remember that it has to be less than ten feet in the air.

  4. What about a trampoline? :

    What about a trampoline
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    It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of trampoline for kids. But you should know that it is rather dangerous too – jumping 2 or more children simultaneously can result in serious traumas. Besides, kids under 6 shouldn’t be allowed to jump on a trampoline since they are more prone to injuries. To ensure that the net and mat don’t have holes, springs must be attached securely at the ends.

  5. Are there treated wood on the playground? Test it for arsenic :

    Arsenic is a dangerous chemical that increases the risk of cancer. Modern items don’t contain this chemical, but if you have things made earlier than 2003, you should have them tested. If things are at risk for arsenic, you’d better replace them or at least seal these things once a year and keep children away from them.

    We hope that these tips will help you to create a safe and fun environment for your kids. With a well-thought-out backyard playground, your children will be entertained for long hours, and you can finally just sit and relax while keeping an eye on them. Take care!

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