7 Home Bar Ideas for a Classy Entertainment Space

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Every rich home needs a spot to catch up on cocktails with friends and family members, have a shot of wine after a hard day or sip some cocktail to welcome the beautiful weekend. For most of the people, that spot is right in the comfort of their own home bar, with a guaranteed a seat. Whether you are planning a bar room, outdoor bar, or just making room for a portable bar cart, browses home bar designs and ask yourself the following questions before you get started.

Home Bar Ideas

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I want to make a beautiful home bar. Where do I start

First, pick a beautiful location. The most popular location for a home bar decoration is in or near the kitchen or dining room. If you would like entertaining outside, think about outdoor or pool home bars, they are great during the warmer months. If you have a small space, think of corners to turn into a home bar like the space underneath the staircase or a hidden bar closet in the wall. Once you have selected a location, decide on what decoration you want to include in your home bar idea, such as sinks, storage and refrigeration and other home bar accessories.

home bar accessories

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How do I decide the design and style of my home bar idea

When you think about your home bar idea. Just think about your lifestyle and entertaining needs of your life, these will help to determine the overall style of the bar at home. Start with the attractive style of your home and play off similar decoration ideas for your home bar. The people inspired by the other home cocktail bar will look out of place in your friends circle. Once you have chosen a style for your beautiful home bar, sketch out the other smaller details like furniture, lighting.

furniture, lighting for home bar ideas

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What type of home bar accessories and furniture should I include.

If want to entertain large groups regularly, think about a dedicated seating area around your home bar otherwise use bar stools, stylish lounge chairs, and ottomans to create a casual look atmosphere. If you don’t know, home bar furniture, for example, beautiful bar stools come in an array of materials and styles, from traditional and casual wooden bar stools, to resort and industrial style stools so make sure to pick the beautiful and stylish that best suits your existing furniture. If you are decorating a freestanding station, you will need a stylish tall bar table, ensure to check that your stools and table height work together before you finalize any home bar design idea. Don’t forget to think about storage, add a stylish liquor cabinet and wine racks to your bar. Draw inspiration from your favorite pub or lounge. Use dim under bar lighting to create a warm, intimate atmosphere or spotlights to brighten and energize the mood. Add a touch of glitz and glamor through your choice of glassware, a drinks trolley, ice bucket, shaker and spirit bottles. Pay attention to smaller details to add character to space like different type and beautiful coasters, neon lights or signage Finally, add home bar decor like ornaments, lamps, artwork, photos and travel mementos.

stylish liquor cabinet and wine racks for home bar ideas

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