7 Garden Ideas to get you ready for spring

hanging pot plants

If you have ever been to garden decoration ideas, you have no doubt designer over the gorgeous garden vistas and floral delights that greet you at every turn. A visit to Spain or the Greek islands delivers beauty of a different kind, but one that is no less enviable. Thankfully, there is no reason you have to fly halfway around the world to experience the garden wonders these destinations have to offer, you can recreate the bits you love best at home. Who can resist the timeless appeal of a long lunch on a traditional look of the garden. Walls rendered in a warm sandstone tone around exposed bricks set the scene, while comfortable and restful seating makes it easier to linger longer and pop open another bottle of Chianti.

Walls rendered in a warm sandstone tone

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Hang lanterns and install sconces to add atmosphere when the sun goes slowly down, and plenty of pot plants will deliver garden look very beautiful and spades. If your outdoor room enjoys all day sun and you live in a frost-free climate. Plant it in pots if you want to curb its growth, or prepare to prune every six months to stop it getting too out of control for good looks. Pruning it back is likely to make it flower again within the month.

Hang lanterns and pots

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If you live in a cooler area that is prone to frost, opt for wisteria instead of bougainvillea for your pergola. With dense foliage and clustered flowers, it provides the shade you need in the summer, but easily allows the winter sun to shine on. Create a covered walkway. Home interior designs are not just for outdoor lounging and dining area, they can also frame a walkway and bring structure to a beautiful backyard.

beautiful backyard


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A simple display of potted bougainvillea creates a worthy focal point for any Italian styled garden. Add some cushions to your outdoor seating area in complementary colors and you’ve just given your backyard a real lift. An outdoor kitchen like this one brings a taste of garden idea to your life in more ways than one. Use rendered bricks to create a rustic effect. Design your outdoor kitchen with lighting in mind it will make evening gatherings all the more memorable.

Cushions to your outdoor seating area

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Shining star lighting along the back wall of this barbecue area give it an almost magical atmosphere. Don’t have the need (or budget) to build something new. Even hanging pot plants on your front or back veranda can have a big impact. Geraniums are an easy-to-grow option that is back in vogue, and their bright flowers bloom all spring and summer long. English cottage gardens provide endless inspiration for homeowners looking to pretty up their yards. Picking a color palette can bring a sense of harmony to a garden pink, purple and white is a common combination that works well with this style. Lining a pathway with foxgloves is a simple way to bring a little English country style home to roost. These long-flowered lovelies perform best if they’re kept well watered. Don’t be too concerned about keeping your garden too orderly if the English cottage style feels like your rambling and disheveled is the way to go.

hanging pot plants

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