5 Additions to Make Your Backyard into A Stay cation


So many people spend all week thinking about the weekend, wishing they could go away on a weekend mini-break or a vacation. Unfortunately, for many of us time, money and resources mean that wanting a weekend break, and actually getting a weekend break are often worlds apart. There’s so much coordination involved in planning a night, or two away from home, that it just isn’t always an option.

Make Your Backyard into A Staycation

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However, just because you can’t enjoy a vacation at a moment’s notice, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your weekends just as good. A backyard stay cation could be just what you need. You can turn your backyard into a restful, rejuvenating space by simply adding some of your favorite ways to relax. A benefit of having a stay cation worthy yard is that it eliminates all of the stress of planning, traveling, and coordinating items such as pet sitting or house watching while you are away. Simply wake up Saturday morning, head outside and enjoy your perfect space.

If you don’t know where to begin, or you simply want some ideas to make your backyard even better, here are 5 additions that will make your backyard a stay cation heaven.

  • Swimming Pool: When you think about a vacation, do you picture lying by the pool, enjoying the water? If you do then you can bring that same feeling to your backyard with a custom outdoor pool. Pools have become easier to maintain, and with the technology available, you can enjoy your beautiful pool for the majority, if not all of the year. A custom pool can be designed around your backyard to suit your needs, so it will look absolutely perfect.

    Swimming Pool
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    Swimming pools not only provide a great focal point to entertain guests or enjoy family fun but also provide a way to keep fit in the comfort of your own home, making them a fantastic investment. In-ground pools have also come a long way as far as insulation and energy efficiency goes, allowing homeowners that live in cooler climates the ability to use for most of, it not all year round. Not sure if a swimming pool is for you? Consider a hot tub or swim spa. These are great for socializing, use less energy and can be used 365 days of the year, no matter how cold the weather may be.

  • Gourmet Grill Area: Most people have a barbecue, but you can make it even better outdoor kitchen area with a few accessories. You can add a rustic seating area, mini-fridge and a quality grill with a basic budget that will not only be a comfy place to hang out but will take your outdoor meals to the next level! For accessories, you could add a kitchen prep area, a smoker, and a sink to rinse dishes, so you won’t need to go inside at all while prepping and grilling.

    Gourmet Grill Area
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    Make sure to purchase a set of outdoor dishes and cutlery which can easily be washed and will not easily break. Especially if you have installed a pool, the last thing you want is for the chance that a glass could be broken on the pool deck, which could lead to bathers becoming injured.

  • Outdoor Bar: There’s no better way to compliment your gourmet grill and outdoor kitchen than with an outdoor bar. You can add a bar area to your outdoor food prep/cooking area, or if you have an old shed, you can transform it into a little backyard pub. You could even add some accessories to turn it into a themed cocktail bar. Want to try your hand at home brewing and need the perfect place for friends to gather around and sample? A bar is a simple idea that can give you somewhere to brew your own beer, try your hand at wine making, as well as entertain your friends and family. Just make sure to invite your neighbours so that they do not feel left out!

    Outdoor Bar
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  • Activity Area: You may want to keep one part of your yard as an activity area. You could have a volleyball net, lawn bowls, a horseshoe toss, outdoor darts, or even over sized, outdoor board games. If you down have the outdoor space for a massive activity area, you could set aside a smaller area for a table and some chairs to let people play cards or their favourite board games. If you are short on space, consider activities that can easily be set up and torn down as needed that will not require a permanent location.

    Activity Area
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  • Furniture: Furniture is actually a big part of what makes your outdoor area relaxing. You’ll need furniture for lounging by the pool, having dinner, or enjoying your homemade cocktails. You can choose furniture for all these areas to seamlessly match, or you can have a different theme throughout them all. You’ll also need to accessorize your seating with proper lighting. Tiki lamps, string patio lanterns or pool lights surrounding the deck area are all great choices. To further enjoy your outdoor living space after the sun goes down, include a fireplace, fire pit, or even an outdoor projector to enjoy your favorite movies in a whole new way under the stars.

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    It’s entirely possible to make your backyard a staycation oasis, no matter your style taste or budget. You can make it a project for the whole family to pitch in, and then reap the rewards together in your vacation worthy backyard. The beauty about transforming your backyard into a staycation worthy location is that each these additions can be completely customized based on your budget. Scout out local garage sales, clearance sales at your favourite retailers and don’t be afraid to do as much DIY as possible to create the look and feel that you have dreamed of.

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