11 Simple Home Improvement Hacks to Transform Your Space

Switch to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

As a proud homeowner, you may be interested in making some updates to your home. But repairs and improvements can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are plenty of easy home improvement hacks that you can use to make some fresh changes without the need for a professional. The best part is that they are simple to pull off and won’t take up a ton of your time. These clever DIY projects will have you on your way to living in the beautiful home you’ve always wanted.

Simple Home Improvement Ideas
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  • Paint Your Walls Partially: Painting the entire house or even a room can be a massive undertaking. An easy way to make a space look modern and different is by partially painting your walls. If your home has low ceilings, one way to make the room look higher and more spacious is by painting just the bottom half. Let the top and roof of the room stay the same color.

    Paint Your Walls Partially
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  • Update the Hardware of Your Cabinets: If you don’t like the way your cabinets look, it may be tempting to rip them all out and replace them entirely. But this isn’t exactly practical and is likely to cost you a lot of money. An easy alternative is to replace the old hardware of your drawers and cabinets. This way you can give them an inexpensive and quick renovation without breaking the bank. All you’ll need are interesting handles and about an hour of time. You can even slap on a new coat of paint if you have more time.

    Update the Hardware of Your Cabinets
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  • Give Your Planters a Glow-In-The-Dark Makeover: If you want to add some illumination to your backyard, without spending money on light fixtures, try glow-in-the-dark planters. All you need to do is cover the pots you already have with a coat of glow-in-the-dark paint. This is an easy DIY that shouldn’t take you longer than an hour. The best part is you’ll only need glow-in-the-dark paint and clay pots.

  • Get Rid Of Old Carpeting: An old, worn out carpet can make your space look dated. If you don’t have the budget to replace it with new carpeting, try pulling it back to see what type of flooring is underneath. If it’s a hardwood floor, there’s a good chance that just leaving it bare will be a vast improvement over a worn, old carpet. All you’ll require are a pry bar and a carpet knife.

    Get Rid Of Old Carpeting
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  • Paint the Side of a Door: A bright pop of color on the side of your door is a great way to change things up in a subtle manner. To make this DIY really stand out, it’s a good idea to go for a bright, neon color. It’s as simple as painting the side of the door with a vibrant hue. Don’t worry about it clashing with your décor since you will only see it when the door is open.

  • Create Built-In Bookshelves: Installing built-in bookshelves is a simple way to create some extra storage as well as a display area in your living space. The tools you’ll need are a drill, level, stud finder, shelf brackets, wood shelves and a saw. Place the studs in your wall and put in rails to hold the shelf brackets. Then all you’ll need to do is place the wooden shelves on these, and your built-in bookshelves are ready.

    Create Built-In Bookshelves
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  • Put In a Countertop over Your Washer/Dryer: Having a countertop over your laundry area is a handy solution for storing supplies and folded clothes. For this DIY project, you’ll need 1×2 inch wood strips, a stud finder, level, drill and saw. These will be used to construct a support for the countertop which will be another piece of wood, cut to size.

    Put In a Countertop over Your WasherDryer
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  • Switch to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs: Energy efficient or LED light bulbs are a little more expensive than regular bulbs but will last much longer. As a result, you’ll actually end up saving money over time. So there’s no reason not to swap out your incandescent bulbs for more efficient alternatives. If you love the warm incandescent glow that regular bulbs give out, you can choose an LED bulb that emits yellow light.

    Switch to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
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  • Use Contact Paper to Line Kitchen Drawers: This is an easy DIY to add a dash of color to your kitchen drawers. All you need to do is measure out laminated contact paper, cut it out and stick it to the base of your drawers. In addition to upgrading the look of your drawers, there are many advantages to doing this. Laminated contact paper will protect these surfaces from wear and tear and is also easier to clean. It is a simple and effective way to give your kitchen an upgrade.

    Use Contact Paper to Line Kitchen Drawers
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  • Create a Sliding Cutting Board cum Trashcan: A chopping board that slides for easy trash disposal looks great and is easy to DIY. You will need two narrow cabinets placed one above the other. Cut the top cabinet so that it becomes a slide out chopping board. Cut a hole on one end of this, into which you can push any chopping remnants. The cabinet below should be able to fit a regular trash can. This is a super-efficient way to get rid of kitchen scraps.

    Create a Sliding Cutting Board cum Trashcan
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  • Make Ladder Shelving: Many avid DIYers are getting on board with this shelving trend. A ladder shelf is an excellent solution if you are short on space, but still want to display your trinkets, books, and souvenirs. It also blends in seamlessly with the woodwork of timber frame houses. This DIY involves merely repurposing an old wooden ladder by adding some panels for shelving and giving it a fresh lick of paint. You can then place it against a wall and decorate it as you please.

    Make Ladder Shelving
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  • Final Thoughts: Using the hacks mentioned above to make improvements to your home can be a rewarding experience. It’s good to get your hands dirty once in a while, and there are plenty of ways to revamp your space. The DIYs mentioned above are easy to execute and don’t require any special skills. So give some of them a try to take your home to the next level.

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